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Speaking of non-stick pans, everyone must be very familiar with it.In recent years, non-stick pans have become very

Speaking of non-stick pans, everyone must be very familiar with it.

In recent years, non-stick pans have become the first choice for many families because of their non-sticky and easy-to-wash characteristics.

Especially for families with babies, non-stick pans are basically indispensable for making complementary foods.

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But bacteria have seen such rumors before: non-stick pan coating is harmful to the human body.

The rumors were so pretty, and I almost believed it when I saw the germs.

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So is the non-stick pan really harmful to the human body?


Use nonstick pan like this,Will exceed heavy metals 

The commonly used non-stick pan is basically coated with a polymer synthetic material called Teflon (PTFE), the scientific name is polytetrafluoroethylene.

This is a very good inert material. It is not only cheap, but also has the characteristics of strong stability, acid and alkali resistance, and low friction coefficient.

The coating used to make non-stick pans is simply the king of cost-effectiveness.

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The Teflon coating that meets the national standard is very safe and can be used for a long time at -180~260℃.

But when the temperature exceeds 260°C, the coating will gradually change to an unstable state.

When it reaches 360°C, the coating will decompose and produce toxic substances, which may cause chills, headaches, fever and other flu-like symptoms.

We usually cook, even if it is stir-frying, deep-frying, etc., the temperature is between 190~240℃.

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But if it's an empty pot, the temperature can reach 300°C or even higher!

Therefore, if it is used for cooking, there is no need to worry about the harm to the human body caused by the Teflon coating!

However, improper use is not necessarily harmless!

The Teflon coating on the metal surface is very easy to peel off because of its characteristics.

Our commonly used metal spatulas, steel wire balls and even sharper ribs can easily scratch the Teflon coating.

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In many households, non-stick pans will be turned into sticky pans after being used, which means that the coating on the surface of non-stick pans has been destroyed.

Because it is not sure whether the materials under the coating are safe, but most of them are metal components.

Under the high temperature of cooking, heavy metals such as lead, chromium, nickel, etc. are likely to be precipitated.

Source: A screenshot of the product introduction of a certain brand of non-stick pan

These heavy metals are not good for the child's body. For example, excessive lead intake will affect the child's intelligence!

Therefore, the correct use of non-stick pans can not only greatly extend the life of non-stick pans, but it is also beneficial to the health of the baby.

To sum up, the coating on the surface of the non-stick pan is harmless to the human body!

However, improper use of non-stick pans can cause the coating to fall off, and heavy metals precipitated under high temperatures may affect the health of children.

Therefore, when using non-stick pans at home, be sure to protect the coating, and pay attention to the following points when using:

There is no need to rub the surface coating of the non-stick pan with sharp objects (iron spatula, steel wire ball, knife and fork, spare ribs, etc.);

When cooking, pour the oil first and then open the fire to avoid dry burning;

Do not wash the pot with cold water when the pot body is at a high temperature. Alternation of hot and cold will also make the Teflon coating easy to peel off;

Once the pot is sticking, replace it immediately; if the pot is properly maintained and there is no sticking, it can be replaced at least once every two years.


These propaganda of non-stick pan,Is the IQ tax

After reading the above content, everyone knows that although Teflon itself is relatively good, it is also true that it is easy to fall off.

Therefore, in order to cover up these defects, many businesses use other gimmicks for publicity. We can take a look at them one by one.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are claimed to be safer and harmless to the human body, which is all right.

Source: A screenshot of the product introduction of a certain brand of non-stick pan

But compared with Teflon coating, not only is the price more expensive, but the non-stick performance is also worse.

Moreover, if the Teflon coating is used correctly, it is also safe for the human body.

If we make supplementary food for babies every day, ordinary Teflon-coated pots can fully meet our needs.

Medical stone

Medical stone non-stick cookware is mostly slogan of natural and safe.

But open the label of this type of cookware, and you may feel that you have been cheated.

The so-called "medical stone" is actually a Teflon coating with a pattern of medical stone.

Source: A screenshot of the product introduction of a certain brand of non-stick pan

When the fungus came out, it was still quite speechless, and the routines of the merchants were always deeper than we thought!

Of course, it is not ruled out that there are real medical stone materials, but the cost performance is not as high as expected.

Honeycomb physical non-stick pan

Many of these non-stick pans are known to be uncoated, which makes the surface of the non-stick pan in a honeycomb shape to achieve physical non-stickiness.

This process is actually an etching process in Germany, which aims to solve the problem of coating peeling caused by the contact between the spatula and the non-stick coating.

Source: A screenshot of the product introduction of a certain brand of non-stick pan

In layman's terms, the honeycomb non-stick pan is also a coated pan, but its honeycomb structure can protect the non-stick coating and prolong the service life of the non-stick pan.

At present, the real physical non-stick technology does not exist for the time being.

Diamond/Titanium Steel Coating

Many non-stick pans also advertised ingredients such as "adding blue diamonds", "adding man-made diamonds", and "adding titanium steel".

This is actually added to the Teflon coating to achieve the purpose of making the coating more scratch-resistant.

Source: A screenshot of the product introduction of a certain brand of non-stick pan

However, the Teflon coating with synthetic diamonds is not easy to be damaged, and it can be used for a longer time.

But if you just use this as a gimmick and the price is inflated, you won't have to pay for it!

To make a non-stick pan for a baby's supplementary food, we mainly fancy its characteristics of being non-sticky, non-sticky and easy to clean.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, ordinary Teflon-coated pots can be used.

Of course, if you can increase the service life of the non-stick pan and make it safer, you can also consider other special processes.

But if the merchants play fancy gimmicks and inflate the price, there is no need for everyone to pay this IQ tax!


Choose a non-stick pan,You can also see these bonus items

When choosing a non-stick pan, in addition to "knowing the pan" and distinguishing false propaganda, you can also consider the extra points of non-stick pan!

First of all, you can look at the price.

The Teflon coating is graded. The thicker the coating, the better the effect and the higher the price.

Source: Baby care team production

Of course, each brand may also have different grading standards.

When you buy, you can ask the shopping guide to choose the appropriate coating thickness according to your frequency of use.

Secondly, some easy-to-use small designs are also worthy of picking your favorite non-stick pans.

Fungus summarizes some of the non-stick pans with excellent small designs on the market at present, you can choose according to your needs:

Oil temperature visible design

Some non-stick pans will be equipped with a temperature display device on the handle or bottom of the pan to prevent the oil temperature from being too high or the pan body from burning dry.

Source: Promotional image of a certain brand of non-stick cookware

These can effectively extend the service life of non-stick pans.

Three-dimensional flame guide

It mainly plays a role in gathering flames and quickly heating up.

Source: A screenshot of the product introduction of a certain brand of non-stick pan

It can effectively increase the sales of cooking and reduce the use time of the pot body.

Both in terms of convenience and extended service life are relatively excellent.

Double-sided non-stick

This is mainly for the convenience of cleaning. Sometimes the burnt bottom of the pot will make mothers crazy when cleaning. Double-sided non-sticking can effectively solve this problem.

Source: A screenshot of the product introduction of a certain brand of non-stick pan

Nowadays, many household pots, dishes, etc. are all chemically synthesized materials, such as the Teflon coating we talked about today, and the melamine tableware we talked about before.

You need to pay extra attention when using it, especially for families with babies!

Use the correct method to avoid damage to the baby's body due to the precipitation of chemical substances.

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