Hong Kong-made products once became popular in Australia with high quality and low prices, leaving a deep impression on Australians

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Products made in Hong Kong became very popular in Australia in the 1980s.
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[Sydney Newspaper] Hong Kong-made products became very popular in Australia in the 1980s.

Peter Ping Cheung was a sailor who arrived in Australia after World War II.To commemorate his dedication and help the Chinese immigrants who suffered under the White Australia policy, the Chinese Military Service Memorial Hall in Chinatown, Sydney recorded his name.Her 51-year-old daughter still remembers her fascination with Hong Kong-made products as she grew up.

She said that there were many such products in Chinatown at that time, everything from textiles to battery-powered toys and food.For her, Hong Kong manufacturing represents high quality.

Leung Terence Chong, associate professor of economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said that Hong Kong's manufacturing industry began to expand in the 1970s.Western standards have made Hong Kong a manufacturing base for large-scale processing and manufacturing of various products for international brands, which are exported to all parts of the world including Australia. In the 1980s, these products were very competitive in the international market.Many people in Western countries associate Hong Kong products with high quality.

Bendigo Golden Dragon Museum researcher McKinnon said that in Australia, products made in Hong Kong can be traced back to the 1930s.During the Great Depression, Australia imported 40,000 pounds (18,150 kg) of products from Hong Kong each year.At that time, Australia's exports to Hong Kong exceeded its imports.Products imported from Hong Kong are usually products of the local Chinese community, including rice, ginger, essential oils, tea, fabrics, embroidery and lace. In the 1970s, trade between Australia and Hong Kong grew, and more and more Hong Kong-made products were shipped to Australia.

McKinnon said that from then on, the "Made in Hong Kong" brand or logo began to impress Australians.

However, for decades, Hong Kong manufacturing has been replaced by products manufactured in mainland China and other regions.

George Wing Kee is a founding member of the Hey Market Chamber of Commerce in Chinatown, Sydney.

The 78-year-old recalled that in the 1960s and 1970s, furniture such as transistor radios from Hong Kong, kitchen utensils and white goods were very popular in Australia.Hong Kong products are cheaper than those made in Australia and are of good quality.However, since the 1990s, Hong Kong's status as a manufacturing center began to decline.Since then, Hong Kong-made products in Australia have also declined significantly.

Chong said that Hong Kong manufacturing will be replaced by Chinese manufacturing.Now in Hong Kong, the manufacturing industry is like a sunset industry, and its proportion is declining. There is no advantage in labor and rent costs, and it should not rise again. (Child force)

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