Huang Xiaoming car home and baby love nest broke the marriage rumors | Australia Chinatown

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[News from this newspaper] Some media posted pictures of Huang Xiaoming going out to have dinner with friends recently. Huang Xiaoming wore a thick down jacket with his sweater underneath that day. He looked at the warmth in place. Although the overall look is mainly practical, he does not forget Wearing a cool cap showed a sense of fashion. It was late at night when it ended, but it was obvious that Huang Xiaoming was in high spirits. He chatted with his friends and kept saying hello when he went out.I saw a woman dressed up like a strong woman chatting with Huang Xiaoming. Huang Xiaoming also took the initiative to open her arms and gave a big hug to the other party as a farewell ceremony. He turned around and saw another old acquaintance, Huang Xiaoming was worthy of Master Duan Shui. When he saw the other party stretched out his hand and embraced him sincerely with a smile, the other party also patted Huang Xiaoming's back and then let go, looking generous.After the hug, Huang Xiaoming still gestured in his ear to indicate that the other party often contacted him. Huang Xiaoming walked to his nanny car after watching everyone leave, and took the car back to his love nest with baby to rest. Unfortunately, the baby is still on the crew now. Maybe you won't see the baby when you go home, but this also confirms the sweetness of the relationship between the two sides and refutes the rumors of divorce from the outside world.



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