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2003. In XNUMX, Beijing TV Station hosted a Beijing comic dialogue contest. Jiang Kun, Pan Changjiang, Wei Ji'an, Feng Gong,



At that time, the Deyun Club was still very bleak, and with the SARS raging at the beginning of the year, Lao Guo could only rely on TV to earn his reputation and money.However, in this competition, Guo Degang Yu Qian only won the third prize.


Figure: former Jia Ling Author: Gu little song

The first prize is Feng Gong's female apprentice, Jia Ling who has not graduated from university.The second prize is Li Weijian, who has a very average level of cross talk.

Lao Guo wasn't angry, he just blamed his hand and he was the first one to play.

And he also liked the little girl who was number one at the time: "It looks good, she is tall, wearing high heels, wearing a small skirt, long hair fluttering, and a walkway's "deal, answer, answer" rang."

Yes, he was talking about 21-year-old Jia Ling.

At that time, she was also called Jia Yuling.


△ Jia Ling won the championship.

However, this game is not "Super Girl", and the result of the game has nothing to do with fate.

The third prize Guo Degang ushered in a turning point a year later, and it was out of control.Jia Ling, who won the first prize, was so poor that she couldn't even pay the rent of 400 yuan for several years in a row.

It can be said that Jia Ling did not eat less of the bitterness that Guo Degang had suffered during those years of rolling in the mud.If you want to apply Lao Guo's eight characters, it is also: "Sigh with sigh, blood and tears step by step."


In 1989, when 28-year-old Song Dandan appeared on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala for the first time, 7-year-old Jia Ling was still herding cattle with her sister in the rice fields in Xiangyang County, Hubei.Although Jia Ling's family is not rich, these hard days are like pleasure.



△ Jia Ling was a child

Although the family is not wealthy, the family is still happy. Although their parents are just workers in the chemical plant in the small county, they also help people do some farm work on weekdays. The economic conditions are really limited, but who has two lovely and good-natured baby daughters. Don't train it well?The couple was thinking about spending money to enroll their daughters in an extracurricular dance class, but the dance teacher looked up and down Jia Ling: "Five-to-five points tall, not suitable for dancing." Abruptly refused.

Perhaps, this is destined, Jia Ling was sent to the next-door acting class by her mother.


△ Jia Ling's mother and sisters

Not to mention, this "liberated nature" small class really matched Jia Ling's taste.

As soon as "Miscellaneous Altar of Quyuan" was broadcast on TV, she was able to sit still for the first time, and she also learned to imitate the sounds of birds, saxophones, and trumpets.

Every time she came back from the acting class, Jia Ling stood at the door of her house and showed her all the skills.The neighbors passed by, and they were all amused by this little girl. "I have been interested in everything that can bring joy to people since I was a child." When saying this, many people suspected that Jia Ling was an afterthought. After all, she used to just want to be a beautiful star.


△ Jia Ling and sister

The year of the new century, 18-year-old Jia Ling and her sister came to Beijing for the first time, and the two were preparing to apply for the Chinese Opera and Nortel.But no matter where the girl from the small county could walk through the single-plank bridge, the two of them didn't even know what to take the exam, so they were squeezed down without accident.

Jia Ling feels ashamed and sorry for her parents, but she is unwilling to go back home.This is 2000, and the song is singing: "Yes, I see sunshine everywhere / happiness is flying over the city / the new world comes like a dream / makes me warm".

And her idol Andy Lau, who just acted in her 100th movie "A Hu", also wrote a song of her own: "It's only your smile to search the world / It feels boring to erase it for me".

Anyway, as soon as she heard these lyrics, Jia Ling felt that she couldn't go back, and she decided to take the exam again.And staying in Beijing, while working part-time, while preparing for exams.Working part-time is nothing more than going to a restaurant as a waiter. Like Yue Yunpeng, she can't make much money, but Jia Ling can endure hardship.Every time she wipes a table, she tells herself that good days are coming.Jia Ling didn't expect her hard days to come.XNUMX. In the new century, not only Jia Ling wants a new life, but also her future master Feng Gong.

In March 2001, Feng Gong held a press conference at the China Theater and invited Hou Yaowen and Jiang Kun to the platform to officially announce:

A college cross talk class (also called a comedy acting class) will be opened in the Chinese opera. The school system is 2 years. It is estimated that 25 students will be enrolled and the tuition fee will be more than XNUMX.Let’s not talk about more money and less money, this matter will be fresh when it is set aside.

After all, cross talk has been a mentor-apprentice system since ancient times, and I have never seen a class or school.However, Feng Gong has his own ideas. He bluntly stated his school goals: “Don’t say that if you train a Hou Yaowen and a Jiang Kun in two years, you will have a complete victory if you train half of Feng Gong.” A month later, Jia Ling applied for the exam. When I was in the Chinese opera performance class, I happened to see that there was a "comedy performance class" at the back, so I just reported it in order to be safe.


△ Jia Ling and Feng Gong

I had the opportunity to appear in the Spring Festival Gala together. Unfortunately, this show was killed at the time. As a result, Jia Ling was admitted to both the drama performance class and the comedy performance class.That day, the teacher of the Chinese opera called home, Jia Ling’s mother Li Huanying picked it up, and she was very excited when she heard the word "admitted", but she did not hear the difference between the two majors for a long time, so she had no choice but to return. Phrase: Then comedy acting class.


"Mom, what did you say?" Jia Ling was dumbfounded when she heard it. I am such a beautiful girl, but if I want to become the second person of Zhang Ziyi, why did I go into a comedy?Unwilling to reconcile, Jia Ling pulled her sister and killed her and went to Beijing to find the admissions office and begged the teacher to help her change into a drama performance class.But the facts have been set, no matter how you can change it.

Jia Ling couldn't help but returned home griefly.Not long after, Jia Ling's 24-year-old sister also received an admission notice from Communication University.But Jia's family is an ordinary worker's family, and two girls who study art can't afford it. "Go ahead, it's too dangerous for both of them to be in Beijing. There needs to be someone at home." My sister left the opportunity to go to school to Jia Ling.


△ Jia Ling and sister

The 19-year-old Jia Ling, bearing the expectations of the whole family, went into the "comedy acting class" and became Feng Gong's student.

This year, Shen Teng also went to university in Beijing. He followed in the footsteps of his relatives and was admitted to the People's Liberation Army Art Academy. He is a senior in his senior year, known as the "Military Art School."As news of the successful Olympic bid came from overseas, the whole of China was filled with the joy of taking off.But Joy will soon have nothing to do with Jia Ling's small family. If time can really go back, she will definitely not want to return to this year.


"My mother is gone, and I will never be truly happy again in this life." When it comes to this, Jia Ling has never been able to resist crying once. In 2001, a month after Jia Ling enrolled in school, she was in class, and she received a call from her brother-in-law: "You come back to see mom for the last time, more."

Jia Ling buzzed in her head, as if she didn't understand.

When she got on the train, she reacted, "plop" and kneeled to the passengers. She wanted to borrow a mobile phone. She cried and said: Please lend me the mobile phone. I want to make sure that she is still there.

But as soon as the relatives in the family received the call, they told her plainly that she was no longer there.


At the station, the brother-in-law pulled Jia Ling directly to the funeral home. Her legs seemed to be filled with lead, and she didn't lift them for a long time.Looking inside suddenly, sister Jia Dan was holding the pillar crying and was about to collapse, calling her: "Ling'er, come and see mom for one last look!" All of this seemed like a nightmare.The next day, Jia Ling saw her father turn white overnight and was so haggard.Maybe he himself is also regretting.

On the day of the accident, Jia Ling's parents cut rice all afternoon in the rice fields.They drove up the small dump truck to a height of one person, fearing that the rice would be scattered on the road, and working for nothing, the mother climbed onto the haystack and sat on it.Unexpectedly, on the way back from the car, my mother accidentally fell from the straw and hit her head.

This is an accident, an accident that no one with great abilities can stop.But life has to go on. Jia Ling, who returned to Beijing, cried all day, cried in class, cried when eating, and cried when she slept. She cried as soon as she thought of it, and she couldn't live a normal life if she disturbed her other classmates.She just couldn't stop crying, and even thought about walking with her mother.


But when Jia Ling was devastated, her sister didn't even have the qualifications to be sad.Mom is gone, sister is the god of the family.In order to earn Jia Ling's tuition and living expenses, her sister went out to work, do sales, sell panda color TV sets, earn XNUMX yuan a month, and send XNUMX yuan to her sister.Maybe it was because the tears were dry, maybe it was not easy to think of her sister, Jia Ling finally eased up.

In the year of graduation, he won Guo Degang once by "Talking Crosstalk".But the brilliance of winning the championship in one fell swoop did not bring her good luck. She had to take Guo Degang's years of cruelty and frustration in the mud to finish.Even the emotional situation is the same as Guo Degang. Guo Degang is facing divorce, and Jia Ling is facing broken love.

XNUMX. "Will you go home with me?"

毕业时,摆在贾玲面前有3条路:1. 跟随男友去外地;2. 回老家,接受姐姐安排的交通局的行政工作;3. 追逐梦想,北漂。

When she heard her boyfriend ask this, Jia Ling was a little sad: "I think I am such a good person, why should I give up my dream?"

The way was different, they didn't seek each other, there was almost no quarrel, and the two broke up.Jia Ling flattened her boyfriend, but her own sister was not so foolish. "Sister, go home, where are poor people like us in Beijing. Come back, I've got my sister's job for you, more than 3 a month." Jia Ling couldn't bear to refuse her sister, but she didn't want to go back. , Can only find the head teacher Feng Gong for advice.


"The point is, do you want to go back?" "I don't want to."

When Feng Gong heard this, he directly called Jia Ling's sister: "Don't worry, I can't starve this child. I can still manage a few mouthfuls of food. If she has no place to live, I will make arrangements for her."

Feng Gong has always been good to Jia Ling. He always feels that this kid doesn't have one-half of his skills, and one-fourth will always have it.When Feng Gong had spoken, sister Jia Ling had to reluctantly agree.


△ Feng Gong made a guest appearance in the movie "Hello, Li Huanying"

Acceptable does not mean that conditions permit.She just gave her sister a thousand yuan, and within a few days, Jia Ling asked her for money again. "What can you do to spend a thousand yuan in a few days? Are you taking drugs?" Jia Ling was embarrassed when asked, and could only answer: "Sister! Have you ever seen a drug addict who is as fat as me?"


△ Jia Ling's sketches derived from her "distressed life" tell about first love and dreams

Jia Ling is best at dealing with things with a joke, because she is really hard to tell.After graduation, she herself spent XNUMX yuan to rent a small room in Dongsishitiao, Beijing. How small is it?When my friends came, they all joked: "The dog comes in, and the tail has to be wagged upright." And every morning, I have to pour the urinal, but when I think that Faye Wong will pass it, Jia Ling's life will be gone.

No, my sister gave me XNUMX yuan, and she paid the rent for XNUMX yuan, and only two hundred were left. The food and clothing were all spent within a few days.Speaking of it, she has to blame her for the job she chose, saying that cross talk hasn't earned more than she did as a waiter in a restaurant.Especially for girls, it is harder to make money and become famous than to reach the sky.


△ Jia Ling and partner Bai Kainan

Whenever they hear a female comedian, most people just use two words: "Hehe".


Someone once asked Zhang Shouchen, the hero of cross talk: "Are there any women in cross talk?" He waved his hand: "No, cross talk is not about women. There are women in all walks of life, but only women say cross talk. , No." The old gentleman said it was true, and the old saying also said: "Men don't eat melon seeds, women don't talk cross talk."Even Guo Degang has repeatedly persuaded girls who want to learn cross talk: "China has had cross talk for 150 years, and there are not even 10 female cross talk actors that can be described."


△ Jia Ling's famous sentence: What sister said is not loneliness, but cross talk. No one understands better than Jia Ling.

When she went to the theater to perform, Jia Ling had never seen a women's dressing room. She could only change her costume in the bathroom.

"Like you got into the wrong bathhouse, but you want to stand here again, what should you do? Just disguise yourself as a scrubber."

But other people's scrubbing workers are still working hard. In the few years after Jia Ling graduated, she was only worthy of being a "vase".She stood next to the male comedy actor, paving the way for someone, or acting as a young daughter-in-law, tying her long hair high behind her head, holding her hands, and complaining about her "husband."Other than that, there are basically no old jokes, she can say.For example, the sentence "I'm your father", Jia Ling can't make it out, and it can't be replaced by "mother".The girl seemed a bit vulgar, not funny at all.


Jia Ling was hit, but what made her even more uncomfortable was her lack of money.In order to avoid the rent, she didn't dare to turn on the lights for a month, and then secretly went out to pour the chamber pot in the middle of the night.In winter, Beijing does not dare to turn on the heating at minus five or six degrees.There was really no money to use, so she mercilessly sold the Walkman she used to listen to Andy Lau. For 20 yuan, she bought noodles and pickles for a week.


But these, Jia Ling didn't let Feng Gong know a bit.Had it not been for one time for a performance, Jia Ling took the wrong costume, and Master sent her home to change it, she might have to continue to suffer like this.That day, Feng Gong looked at the dilapidated house in front of him, with a distressed expression: "You live here?" "Yes."

"Okay, I'll take you to earn enough rent for a year." Although Feng Gong did what he said, it is impossible to earn money for a lifetime by the master.Moreover, Jia Ling's ambitions don't stop there.XNUMX. "I spent ten years on cross talk. It is inevitable that I am popular, and it is by no means accidental."



After counting the money, Jia Ling called her sister and told her that she won't need to make money anymore.She also told a story to her sister: a group of little frogs climbed the iron tower, and some frogs questioned why they should climb, are they stupid?So everyone stopped to quarrel.Only a little frog was crawling and reached the top of the tower in a short while.Everyone asks how do you have the power to climb up?It was only then that the little frog was deaf and did not hear everyone's quarrel at all.After the story, Jia Ling said to her sister: "I really want to climb to the top of the tower and see how the scenery is." My sister was puzzled and asked, "Why do I want to climb up?"

Jia Ling said: "Sister, you don't understand." Not only the sister doesn't understand, but no one around her understands. Maybe Jia Ling's mother in the sky understands, but she can't take care of it anymore. If she doesn't run forward, the cross talk will be bad. The Yunshe family dominates.


In 2008, Jia Ling founded "Kukoubang".Her work "Big Talking Puff", which later appeared on the Spring Festival Gala, is the housekeeper of "Kukoubang", which has been popular in small theaters for a long time.This cross talk was originally created by Zou Seng, one of Feng Gong's queen contributors. Later, Jia Ling took a fancy to it and made a customized version for herself.

That year, Jia Ling and her partner Bai Kainan performed more than 80 consecutive shows in small theaters in Beijing.Once they walked into the backstage after the performance, they were stopped by Jiang Kun: "I want to recommend you to the Spring Festival Gala." Although Jia Ling had ambitions, she hadn't thought about the Spring Festival Gala.This is simply a pie in the sky, whoever doesn't go is a fool.


In 2010, Jia Ling and Bai Kenan appeared on the Spring Festival Gala stage, and they recommended Jiang Kun's new show, but they were killed.In fact, Jia Ling was already a "celebrity" discussed by everyone on CCTV during the third trial of the Spring Festival Gala.A leader became her fan and ran over to greet her: "Yes, you guys, I am amused. I forgot to eat my lunch." Jia Ling didn't know how to respond, she was just silly and happy.

Two years ago, Song Dandan announced: "The annual rehearsal pressure is too great, I decided not to participate in the Spring Festival Gala again." Since then, the Spring Festival Gala stage has always wanted to find a female comedian who can top it.

This time, Jia Ling became.After the New Year’s Eve, hundreds of millions of viewers remembered the little fat girl who appeared on TV near zero o’clock.Jia Ling's value has also risen 10 times.Although Song Dandan's exit was regrettable and embarrassing, Jia Ling gave the audience hope.But this hope did not last long. In 2012, Jia Ling was selected as one of the "Audiences Most Wanted to See Faces of the Spring Festival Gala".Although Cai Ming was selected with her.


△ Jia Ling was voted by the audience as the most unwelcome face of the Spring Festival Gala, but in 2021, Jia Ling will remain on the Spring Festival Gala stage

"Crosstalk is too difficult." Sometimes, she tried to throw a baggage, which was not as good as Bai Kainan's embarrassed eyebrows raised in front of the camera, which made the audience laugh.


Jia Ling knew that she had tried her best, and she had come to an end on the road of cross talk.30. Since then, Jia Ling rarely talks about cross talk and concentrates on comedy.Although the circle is different, Jia Ling's "crazy" energy is not diminished: "There is no woman who is willing to be like me, breaking the pot." She participated in the "Big Variety Show" and suddenly gained XNUMX jin.

They also imitated A Bao, Huofeng, Zhou Xiaoou, Fu Disheng, Tenggeer, Liu Huan...without regard to the image.But the audience loves to watch, Jia Ling's fans skyrocketed that year.Only the master was very upset and specifically called her: "Why, you are a good girl, are you still married?"


△ Jia Ling imitates Huofeng

But she didn't care very much. Ever since her body became increasingly "expanded" because of the pressure, her former daughter-in-law's shyness was gone, but a cheerful, generous, and confident Jia Ling was born.Jia Ling is no longer a comedian.She can play freely in "Joy Street", take the trouble at will, and can compete with Shen Teng and Song Xiaobao in "Happy Comedian".The prototype of the most popular movie "Hello, Li Huanying" recently is a sketch born in "Comedy Story"

△ Jia Ling's sketch "Hello, Li Huanying"


p style=”text-align: left”>If you haven’t watched a movie, it is recommended to watch a movie first. The sketch is more touching than the movie. On the stage, Jia Ling said all the regrets hidden in her heart:

Mom, I bought you a refrigerator with double doors; Mom, I bought you a fur coat; Mom, I'm a comedian now, and many people like me; Mom, I finally have something to offer. Sorry, I didn't have time to make you live a good life.Missing sick, Jia Ling desperately recalled her mother's appearance like a self-abuse, she wanted to remember her mother, and she wanted to express regret.But she knew that only when she stood at the highest place could she have a chance to speak out.


In 2016, Jia Ling and her gossip boyfriend Sun Jibin started a company called Big Bowl Entertainment, and officially announced the establishment of a project for "Hello, Li Huanying", personally wrote the script and became the director.It took her 4 years to lose 30 kilograms, and she devoted all her sincere feelings to her mother, which was most memorable, and made this film "Hello, Li Huanying".On the day of the finalization, Jia Ling sent a Weibo to Heaven’s mother Li Huanying: "Mom, the movie "Hello, Li Huanying" is finalized. Am I not good?"


But Li Huanying will never see.If she could still see, she would probably give a thumbs up and say: "You are awesome, but mom wants you to be happy."

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