Kidnapped and stuffed into the trunk NSW female "quick wise" escaped from death –

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On Wednesday (February 2) at around 3:11 am on the Southern Highlands Highway in NSW, a truck driver saw a car with no taillights behind it. Instead, a small hole in that location stretched out and waved...

On Wednesday (February 2) at around 3:11 am on the Southern Highlands Highway in NSW, a truck driver saw a car with no taillights behind it, but instead stretched out a waving hand in a small hole in that location.Seeing this, the driver became suspicious and immediately called the police, but a woman was rescued in time.The police confirmed that the woman was kidnapped by two other women.

According to NSW Police, they received a call from a truck driver on Wednesday saying that a hand was waving at the taillight of a white Holden car on the Hume Highway in Pheasants Nest.

The highway patrol spotted and stopped the car on the Berrima section of the Hume Highway 20 minutes later.

The patrol found a 24-year-old woman in the trunk of the car. She was stabbed in multiple places on her knee, thigh and forearm.After receiving treatment at the scene, he was taken to Liverpool Hospital.According to the police, her injuries were not life-threatening.

There were two other women in the car, 18-year-old Latia Henderson and 24-year-old Kayley Lee Ketley. The three women are all from the Campbelltown area of ​​Greater Sydney.The two suspects were taken to Southern Highlands Police Station.

The police investigated why the two men appeared in Southern Highlands, where they were taking the victim, and whether the kidnapping was related to drug crimes.

Hume Police Department Detective Brendan Bernie said on Thursday morning that the incident appeared to be caused by personal enmity, "it seems to be related to mutual violence."

Bernie told 2GB Radio, "The victim has a lot of blood on her body. Fortunately, the police found her, otherwise she might die."

Bernie said the three women met for the first time at a place in Claymore, Sydney on Tuesday night. "The victim was stabbed on Wednesday morning and then stuffed into the trunk."

"We can be sure that she stayed in the trunk for several hours... we still need to investigate further." Bernie said she "finally survived" and is still in the hospital with injuries to her leg and forearm and may require surgery .

Bernie praised the truck driver for being able to see the woman's hand extended from the taillight very keenly and decisively call the police, and the highway patrol was able to quickly find the car, which was also an unusual and outstanding move.

Latia Henderson and Kayley Lee Ketley were arrested by the police on Wednesday night. They were charged with crimes such as deliberately harming others, causing serious bodily harm to others, kidnapping, and driving without the consent of the owner.

It is reported that Henderson is a close friend of 2017-year-old Sydney teenager Brayden Dillon who was killed in revenge in 15. She was also charged with driving without a license. Ketley was also charged with driving and carrying drugs while driving was disqualified.

Both were refused bail and appeared in Picton Local Court on Thursday.
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