Myanmar demonstrators call for strike, government threatens deadly weapons

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Burma’s anti-coup demonstrations have caused a total of 3 deaths. Even in the face of international condemnation, the authorities have not softened their attitude and threatened to use lethal weapons to suppress them. . . .

Myanmar Rangun | Proteste gegen die Militärregierung
Anti-coup demonstrators protested in front of the Chinese Embassy, ​​calling for releaseWaiting for elected officials

(Germany中文网) 缅甸民间组织全国2月22日大规模罢工抗议军事政变,军方威胁出动致命武器镇压,使大规模冲突的可能性再次升高。

Although on the 20th, Myanmar hasThe demonstrator was shot and killed by the police, but a large number of demonstrators took to the streets to protest on Sunday.As of Monday, the Myanmar demonstration had three deaths, except for the one who died in Mandela on Saturday.示威者外,还有一名女子因头部中弹在多日后仍不治身亡。


Myanmar countryMRTV周日发布声明警告,称示威者「煽动情绪化的青少年」,引导他们步上「遭受生命损失」的路途。


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