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昆州对从维州进入该州的人重新实施边境申报,但代理卫生厅长 Steven Miles在墨尔本一家隔离酒店爆发疫情后并未宣布墨尔本为热点地区。。。。澳洲唐人街
                昆州对从维州进入该州的人重新实施边境申报,但代理卫生厅长 Steven Miles在墨尔本一家隔离酒店爆发疫情后并未宣布墨尔本为热点地区。<br />
Mr. Miles said these changes will take effect from 1 am on Saturday.

There are already eight people related to the group posting at the Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport.

Mr Miles said: "In our opinion, it is too early to declare Melbourne a hotspot, because at this stage all these cases are infected on the third floor of the isolation hotel.

"So, outside of that place, there are no cases of community transmission."

Mr Miles said the border declaration will allow the authorities to check whether tourists have been to any of the two dozen virus-exposed locations in Melbourne, and will help track down if Queensland closes its borders.


Acting Chief Health Officer, Dr. Sonya Bennett, said that anyone who has been to the exposed site is not allowed to enter.

She said: "We consider all people who have been to these places to be close contacts."

Anyone who is already in Queensland and has not been to one of the exposure sites in Greater Melbourne after February 2 will be required to undergo isolation and testing until a negative result is obtained.

Latest cases in Queensland

Queensland added one coronavirus case yesterday, a returnee who was isolated in a hotel.

One person was quarantined at the Holiday Inn Melbourne and later went to Queensland, but tested negative for COVID-19.

There are 6 active cases in Queensland and 24 tests have been conducted in the past 7762 hours.


"Wastewater testing probably means there are cases in the community that we don't know about, which is why it is so important to continue to urge anyone with symptoms to come for testing." … -melbourne/13125902

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