Queensland refuses to guarantee that participants will not be isolated and WSL surfing event will be held in NSW | Australia Chinatown Australia News

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Facing the conflict caused by the prevention and control of the new crown, the NSW government attracted the World Surfing League WSL event from Queensland to NSW. The league’s iconic Snaper Rocks event will be held on the northern coast of Sydney. In April, there were more than 4 people. The world's best surfer will compete on the Narrabeen waterfront.This is the second WSL event to be held in NSW from another state.Previously, the Bells Beach Easter competition in Victoria was changed from Victoria to Newcastle, Newcastle.

【本报悉尼讯】面对因为新冠防控引发的冲突,新州政府将世界冲浪联盟WSL活动从昆州吸引到新州,该联盟性的Snaper Rocks活动动将改在悉尼北部海岸举行,4月份,50多名世界最佳冲浪运动员将在Narrabeen海滨参赛。这是WSL第二场赛事从他州改在新州举办。此前,维州的Bells Beach Easter竞赛从维州改在新州的纽卡素Newcastle举行。


昆州旅游厅长辛奇利夫(Stirling Hinchlie)说,WSL以牺牲冲浪传统为代价收取短期收入。

New Chiliffe说WSL作出这一决定是因为新州政府支付了quarantine.

不过,斯塔克表示,WSL支付了新州.After Queensland refused to guarantee, it was impossible to confirm whether the border was open. The risk was too great, and WSL decided to change its activities to NSW.

The NSW government estimates that if surfing activities will bring NSW 1500 million yuan before the new crown pandemic, the "investment decision" between the state government and WSL is a trade secret.

NSW Lieutenant Governor John Barilaro was named by Stark as a key figure in ensuring the safety of the two events held in NSW.

Barilao said that these two events will bring millions of dollars in revenue to the state economy.NSW and Queensland have been competing for a long time in sports events, and now NSW has won again. In 2021, NSW will become Australia's surfing state and sports state.

The NSW government confirmed earlier this month that Merewether Beach in Newcastle will replace Bell Beach to launch the WSL Tour Australia on Easter.This is also the first time since 1961 that the event was not held in Victoria due to the uncertainty of hotel quarantine arrangements.

Pittwater议员和新州厅长史铎斯(Rob Stokes)说,这次活动将为北部海滩带来急需的旅游资金,这些海滩在圣诞节和新年期间因为被封锁,当地社区会喜欢这个在全球舞展示的机会。(子力)
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