AstraZeneca vaccine is officially put into use in Australia

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AstraZeneca vaccine (photo source: KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images) shared that the Australian Medicines Agency (TGA) has approved Oxford University-AstraZeneca (Oxford...

AstraZeneca vaccine
AstraZeneca vaccine (Image source: KARIM SAHIB/AFP via Getty Images)

                                    澳洲药品局(TGA)已经批准牛津大学-阿斯利康公司(Oxford University-AstraZeneca)的COVID-19病毒疫苗可在澳大利亚使用。这是继1月批准辉瑞疫苗的使用后,TGA对第二种COVID-19病毒疫苗开出的绿灯。

ABC reported that the TGA said in a statement that it has approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for people over 18 years of age.
TGA pointed out that people over 65 have a strong immune response to the AstraZeneca vaccine, but in clinical trials, there are not enough people infected with the COVID-19 virus to determine the overall efficacy of this age group.The decision to immunize elderly patients should be based on actual conditions.
Australia has now received 5380 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine.Most AstraZeneca vaccines will be manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria by the local medical giant CSL.
Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said that from the end of March, about 3 million doses of vaccine will be provided every week.However, the specific promotion date is still uncertain.

The first batch of 14.2 doses of Pfizer vaccine landed in Australia on Monday (15th), and the inoculation of Pfizer vaccine will start next Monday (22nd).

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