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联邦卫生部长Greg Hunt已确认,第一批辉瑞( Pfizer)疫苗已经到达澳大利亚。 “我被告知142,000剂已经到达澳大利亚。他们现在将成为安全和质量保证的对象,”他说。 Hunt先生表示,将从2月22日下周一开始展开80,000剂疫苗的施打。 Hunt先生说,这些剂量中的60%(55,000剂)将分配给各州,以确保他们可以集中精力为酒店检疫人员接种疫苗。 他说,各州还将重点为可能与…
    联邦卫生部长Greg Hunt已确认,第一批辉瑞( Pfizer)疫苗已经到达澳大利亚。









现在,澳大利亚药品管理局(Therapeutic Goods Administration)将完成疫苗的最终测试,在按人均基础在全国范围内分配之前确保疫苗的质量。这些疫苗将被送到医院接种中心,并直接送到老年护理中心。


TGA assesses the quality of each batch of vaccines through a batch release procedure.Some vaccines have been tested in batches before they arrive. TGA will test the rest within a day or two.

Experts in the TGA team in biotechnology, virology, molecular biology, chemistry, microbiology, biocompatibility and engineering have checked the composition, characteristics, efficacy and purity of the vaccine to ensure safety and quality.

Federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt said that TGA will ensure that every batch of vaccine is tested. "Public safety is the first priority," Mr. Hunt said. "This is to ensure that no shortcuts are taken."

Signed a contract with a distribution company with expertise in cold chain logistics to transport Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine must be kept below 70 degrees Celsius to avoid the decomposition of mRNA containing the body's genetic information, which makes the new coronavirus spike protein.

The vaccine will arrive at the airport in a special temperature-controlled consignment box filled with dry ice. Each consignment box contains 5000 doses of vaccine.These boxes will be equipped with GPS-enabled thermal sensors, and if the temperature of any of the boxes rises above minus 70 degrees Celsius, an alert will be sent to the central control tower.

The elderly care center will be able to store the vaccine in a temperature-controlled box filled with dry ice for up to 15 days.The hospital will store the vaccine in an ultra-low temperature freezer.


High-risk frontline medical workers, including emergency department staff and ICU staff, will also be included in the first phase of the vaccine launch.Residents and staff who take care of priority and residents and staff who take care of disabilities are also on the priority list.

Starting in early March, the vaccine will continue to reach about 3 doses per week.Pfizer has signed a contract with Australia to provide a total of 80,000 million doses of vaccine for the country.



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