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According to a UFO (unidentified flying object) researcher in the United States recently disclosed on his personal blog, the US Defense Intelligence Agency


The Pentagon admits to possessing and has detected UFO remains, especially "memory metal"

The US Defense Intelligence Agency responded to Bragalia's three-year Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

According to reports,尼·布拉加利亚(Anthony Bragalia)在其个人博客“UFO探秘”(UFO Exploration)上披露,他于2017年向美国国防情报局(DIA)提出FOIA请求,要求了解美国政府及其承包商所持有的UFO材料的物理描述、属性及成分。

Recently, DIA responded to his request and released 154 documents with a total of 5 pages to him.Although these documents have been extensively abridged, Bragalia believes that he has found loopholes in so-called classified information.

文件显示,一家位于内华Pull加斯的“比格罗宇航公司”(elow Aeropace)承包了国防部的一项检测,检测一种镍钛合金(Nitinol)的性能。

The Pentagon admits to possessing and has detected UFO remains, especially "memory metal"

In 1947州罗尔发现的“UFO残骸”具有“"Characteristics.



Bragalia said that the documents show that the Pentagon is exploring whether nickel-titanium alloys can be incorporated into the human body to improve health.

The Pentagon admits to possessing and has detected UFO remains, especially "memory metal"

Bragalia said that documents show that the Pentagon has studied whether nickel titanium alloys can be incorporated into the human body.

Bragalia wrote that according to the documents, the contractor seemed to have detected that the nickel-titanium alloys exhibited "extraordinary abilities." In addition to "remembering" their original form when bent or crushed, these magical materials appeared to be "invisible" ”Function can also “compress” electromagnetic energy and even slow down the speed of light.

Bragalia said that the current whereabouts of the UFO wreckage is unknown. Bigelow Aerospace has laid off almost all 3 employees in March last year due to the new crown epidemic and other reasons.

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