Australia-Turkish President said the country plans to achieve a lunar landing in 2023-Chinatown Australia

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On February 2, local time, Turkish President Erdogan announced Turkey's national space program in the capital Ankara.

The picture shows Turkish President Erdogan. (Photo/Australia Net)

China’s CCTV News reported on February 2 that on February 10, local time, Turkish President Erdogan announced Turkey’s national space program in the capital Ankara.

Erdogan stated that Turkey will achieve 10 goals in the aviation sector within ten years.The first and most important goal is for Turkish spacecraft to land on the moon on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, which is 2023.The second goal is to establish an independent brand to improve international competitiveness in the development of a new generation of satellites.

In addition, Erdogan also stated that Turkey will develop its own satellite positioning system and build more advanced space observation equipment.The ultimate goal of the plan is to send a Turkish citizen into space.

Erdogan said the plan will help Turkey "enter a higher echelon in the field of international space competition."The plan will be implemented by the Turkish Space Agency.

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