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西澳昨天进行了超过1.6万次测试,没有录得新的本地感染COVID-19病例。 周日晚间,在珀斯工作的。。。澳洲唐人街


He said: "Gene sequencing results confirmed that the security guard's case can be traced back to the British variants in the two recently returned travelers in the hotel."


"We learned that the security guard did deliver the medicine to the door of the isolated guest."

"The authorities are conducting further investigations into specific methods of transmission."




Not sure if the security guard is wearing a mask

The Minister of Health Roger Cook corrected a detail from yesterday, clarifying that the security guard told the employer that he was ill on January 1, not January 30.

Mr. Cook said: “After calling his employer, he went to the COVID clinic on the 30th.”

Mr. Cook said that the security's interaction with the passenger took place on January 1.

He said it was not clear whether the security guards were wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Mr. Cook said: "If people are in their rooms and the security guards are just monitoring that corridor, they don't necessarily wear masks."

Mr. Cook said that this rule is under review.

西澳警察局长Chri Dawon不会一步扩大警方对该保安感染事件以及他随后在社区内行踪的调查。

He said the police had collected CCTV surveillance from the security guard to the gas station in the community on days when he might be contagious.


He said the police had not yet questioned the security guard, partly because of health concerns.

Temporary hotel stay

西澳政府从现在开始,已经停止任何海外旅客前往珀斯喜来登Four Point酒店.


Passengers who have left the quarantined hotel since January 1 have been ordered to self-quarantine until they get further negative test results.

Continue to block

Mr. McGowan said that even if no new community cases are found, it does not mean that the lockdown will be lifted early.


Mr. McGowan said: "In order to be absolutely certain in the next few weeks, we may have to have a series of measures."

"If we have zero cases from now to Friday, my expectation, not certain, is to lift the current form of strict lockdown on Friday night."

Reduced waiting time at COVID clinics

People who had been to one of the 18 exposed locations were urged to be tested.After two long queues at the Perth test center, the waiting time of many test centers has dropped significantly.

Earlier today, people still queued up at a drive-thru clinic in Joondalup, and hundreds of cars lined up for testing.

However, queuing and waiting times have dropped significantly since then.


Due to the formation of the center of COVID panic in the inner north suburbs, the clinic opened late yesterday.

The waiting time in other clinics has also decreased dramatically.

The Royal Perth Hospital’s clinic has been in long queues for the past two days, but on Tuesday morning it was almost empty.

酒店员工的第二份Cause concern

西澳反对党领袖Zak Kirkup呼吁西澳政府立即隔离酒店员工从事第二份,并建立24小时检测诊所。


他说:“我们有能力在给了通知四小时后就封锁我们的州,我们也应该有能力告诉在隔离酒店的人,他们不能再从事第二份. "

“不幸的是,目前在西澳,政府甚至无法告诉你有多少检疫人员有第二份. "

Expand the scope of contact registration from today


The scope expansion was originally scheduled to take effect later next week.

Cook先生说,在过去48小时有14万条afe WA登记。


Test if you have breathing problems

Mr. Cook said that because of the bushfire emergency in Perth, people may have respiratory discomfort, but they should still be tested and not assume it is related to smoke in the air.

G2G enabled for cross-regional travel

现在G2G系统为需要在三个封锁区域——珀斯都会地区、Peel地区和outh Wet地区出行的人上线了。


But he emphasized that if you are sick, you should not travel.


Dawon先生说,澳洲国防军已经同意在地区边境检查站帮助支持警方。 … -continue/ 13112234

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