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西澳昨天进行了超过1.6万次测试,没有录得新的本地感染COVID-19病例。 周日晚间,在珀斯工作的。。。澳洲唐人街
                西澳昨天进行了超过1.6万次测试,没有录得新的本地感染COVID-19病例。<br />
On Sunday evening, after a hotel security working in Perth tested positive for the British variant COVID-19, parts of Western Australia entered a five-day lockdown.

Mr. McGowan confirmed that the security's case could be related to an overseas traveller who recently returned to Perth to stay at the Sheraton Hotel where he worked.


"Among these people who arrived recently, one of them was placed on the same floor as the security guard."

"We learned that the security guard did deliver the medicine to the door of the isolated guest."

"The authorities are conducting further investigations into specific methods of transmission."

The government and Western Australia police have separately launched investigations into how the virus spread to security.

So far, 151 close contacts and 68 casual contacts of the hotel security have been identified.

Mr. McGowan said: “Every close contact has been tested, and 104 contacts have received negative results.”

Not sure if the security guard is wearing a mask

The Minister of Health Roger Cook corrected a detail from yesterday, clarifying that the security guard told the employer that he was ill on January 1, not January 30.

Mr. Cook said: “After calling his employer, he went to the COVID clinic on the 30th.”

Mr. Cook said that the security's interaction with the passenger took place on January 1.

He said it was not clear whether the security guards were wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Mr. Cook said: "If people are in their rooms and the security guards are just monitoring that corridor, they don't necessarily wear masks."

Mr. Cook said that this rule is under review.

Western Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson will not further expand the police investigation into the security incident and his subsequent whereabouts in the community.

He said the police had collected CCTV surveillance from the security guard to the gas station in the community on days when he might be contagious.

Mr. Dawson said: "We will check the accounting records, but we will not criminalize his actions."

He said the police had not yet questioned the security guard, partly because of health concerns.

Temporary hotel stay

From now on, the Western Australian Government has stopped any overseas travelers from going to the Four Points Sheraton Perth Hotel.

Mr. McGowan said that those currently quarantined in the hotel will be released in the next few days, and now they have to stay there until they test negative for COVID again.

Passengers who have left the quarantined hotel since January 1 have been ordered to self-quarantine until they get further negative test results.

Continue to block

Mr. McGowan said that even if no new community cases are found, it does not mean that the lockdown will be lifted early.

He said that even if the blockade is lifted, some restrictive measures may still exist.

Mr. McGowan said: "In order to be absolutely certain in the next few weeks, we may have to have a series of measures."

"If we have zero cases from now to Friday, my expectation, not certain, is to lift the current form of strict lockdown on Friday night."

Reduced waiting time at COVID clinics

People who had been to one of the 18 exposed locations were urged to be tested.After two long queues at the Perth test center, the waiting time of many test centers has dropped significantly.

Earlier today, people still queued up at a drive-thru clinic in Joondalup, and hundreds of cars lined up for testing.

However, queuing and waiting times have dropped significantly since then.

A temporary clinic in Maylands was also very busy on the first day it opened, with hundreds of people waiting for testing this morning.

Due to the formation of the center of COVID panic in the inner north suburbs, the clinic opened late yesterday.

The waiting time in other clinics has also decreased dramatically.

The Royal Perth Hospital’s clinic has been in long queues for the past two days, but on Tuesday morning it was almost empty.

Hotel staff’s second job raises concerns

Western Australian opposition leader Zak Kirkup called on the Western Australian government to immediately ban quarantined hotel employees from performing second jobs and establish 24-hour testing clinics.

He said that the government's plan to change staff arrangements next week was too slow, and that staff were "at the forefront of safeguarding Western Australia's security."

He said: "We have the ability to lock down our state within four hours of giving notice, and we should also be able to tell people working in quarantine hotels that they can no longer take a second job."

"Unfortunately, currently in Western Australia, the government cannot even tell you how many quarantine officers have a second job."

Expand the scope of contact registration from today

Now anyone who goes to retail stores, supermarkets, commercial transportation, takeaways, some outdoor venues and hospitals must use the SafeWA QR code application or paper system to register.

The scope expansion was originally scheduled to take effect later next week.

Mr. Cook said there were 48 Safe WA registrations in the past 14 hours.

He said that it is vital for people to register, and he said that the virus-infected security guard used the application and it was "particularly useful."

Test if you have breathing problems

Mr. Cook said that because of the bushfire emergency in Perth, people may have respiratory discomfort, but they should still be tested and not assume it is related to smoke in the air.

G2G enabled for cross-regional travel

The G2G system is now available for people who need to travel in three blocked areas-Perth Metropolitan Area, Peel Area and South West Area.

Mr. Dawson said that if people already have G2G accounts, they don’t need to open new accounts, but they should log in again and apply again.

But he emphasized that if you are sick, you should not travel.

Mr. Dawson said the police will continue to conduct random interceptions and checks at checkpoints, and urge people to bring identification and proof of the reason for travel, such as an employer’s letter.

Mr. Dawson said the Australian Defence Force has agreed to help support the police at regional border checkpoints. … -continues/13112234

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