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Introduction: In the eyes of Ms. Mu, mankind is on the eve of a new round of technological explosion.The steady influx of investors will

Guide: In the eyes of Ms. Mu, mankind is on the eve of a new round of technological explosion.The influx of funds from investors will provide Ark with more ammunition, and she is ready to roll up her sleeves and go for it.

"Bull Queen" Cathy Wood is facing the trouble of happiness-too much money to spend.

In less than half a month in February, Mu Sister's Ark fund increased by 2 billion US dollars, almost catching up with the 70 billion US dollars in January.

As of this week, the size of the Ark fund has soared to $580 billion.In January last year, the scale of all Ark's products was only 1 billion US dollars.

In other words, in the past year or so, Mu Jie, with her excellent performance, has increased the size of the Ark fund by 15 times, which is simply a miracle.

ETF fund expert Balchunas even optimistically predicts that Ark's capital inflow this year is expected to reach 1360 billion US dollars, although many people think this is unlikely to happen.


Scale itself is a problem

However, such a rapid expansion of the fund's scale has also made Ms. Mu unexpectedly unexpected. The scale itself is a problem.

When the fund is small, Ark can choose the industries and companies they like at will, without worrying about market capacity and physical size.

But with the growing size of the fund, Ark has gradually faced the dilemma of more money and less votes.There are only so many fancy stocks on the market. Ark's style of investing in innovative companies also makes its stocks often small.

The influx of billions or even tens of billions of funds into these innovative companies is enough to raise stock prices, and how to exit in the future is even more troublesome.

How to invest the influx of funds not only tests Ms. Mu's vision, but also tests the trading skills of the Ark Fund.

According to Bloomberg's comprehensive data, Ark Fund already owns at least 24% of the equity in 10 companies.

Fortunately, judging from the situation last year, the rapid expansion of scale did not bring too many negative factors for Ark. The five active funds under Ark all have yields of more than 100%. During the period, the fund ARKK succeeded in betting on Tesla, and the yield was as high as 164%.

Saxo Bank analyst Peter Garnry stated in a recent study that as the scale becomes larger, the Ark fund will face two potential risks:

First, the potential impact of Ark funds on the market is increasing. In the past few years, funds from Ark have fueled the boom in biotechnology.Once Ark funds begin to withdraw, the valuation price of the relevant sector faces the risk of diving.

Second, once the tide fades and the stock price of the company invested by Ark starts to fall, the current positive feedback of "stock price increase-scale increase" will turn into negative feedback.


Ark’s journey is the sea of ​​stars

However, the mere tens of billions of dollars does not seem to be enough to bother Sister Mu Mu.

To this market's concerns about its size, Ms. Mu also responded to this week's online discussion.She pointed out that the market value of many companies purchased by Ark has rapidly expanded, which helps alleviate everyone's concerns about the size of the fund.Moreover, the current boom in the IPO market and the boom in SPAC backdoor listings also provide Ark with more investment options.

More importantly, Ms. Mu has already set her sights on a broader field beyond Tesla.In the latest 2021 annual investment report, Mu Jie led her Ark research team to put forward 15 ambitious and promising investment themes, covering areas in addition to the well-known Bitcoin, electric vehicles, and driverless driving. It also includes deep learning, next-generation gene sequencing, data center re-creation, and virtual worlds.

A detailed translation of what Wall Street sees and hears this annual report of Ark, click here to view: "The Next Tesla?" ARK "Bull Queen" Heavy Report: 15 Investment Opportunities in the Year of the Ox (full version)".

In Ark's view, these themes are not only themes that can be focused on this year, but also have huge market and investment space in the next few years.For example, they believe that deep learning will add $15 trillion in market value to the global stock market in the next 20-30 years.

They predict that some areas may be or are appearing extremely innovative and disruptive progress.Among them, Bitcoin may usher in a new era in which institutions are the main investment force. The data center industry is undergoing an earth-shaking technological revolution. Digital wallets will fundamentally shake the position of traditional banks around the world, and the sales of electric vehicles will violently. Increased by 20 times.

In Sister Mu's eyes, mankind is on the eve of a new round of technological explosion.The influx of funds from investors will provide Ark with more ammunition, and she is ready to roll up her sleeves and go for it.

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