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维州进入为期5天的全州封锁的第二天,今天新录得两例新冠确诊病例。 卫生厅今天上午证实,在过去的24小时内,有21,475人接受测试,目前活跃病例为22个。
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Victoria has entered the second day of a five-day statewide lockdown, and today two new confirmed cases of the new crown have been recorded.


The Ministry of Health confirmed this morning that in the past 24 hours, 21 people have been tested, and there are currently 475 active cases.


One of the cases was diagnosed by a hotel returning tourist.


Fearing that the highly contagious strain of the British coronavirus has spread in the community, NSW Premier Andrewson announced a short five-day lockdown on Friday afternoon.


The spread of the epidemic is related to the epidemic related to the Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport. The source of the epidemic can be traced back to a family of three who returned from abroad. It is believed that they were infected overseas.After a friend of a hotel staff member was diagnosed this Saturday, 14 people have been diagnosed as a result of the epidemic.


By 11:59 pm next Wednesday night, Victorians can only leave home to buy necessities, provide or receive nursing care, exercise, and go out for work or study reasons.In addition, people can only move within a radius of 5 kilometers, must wear masks, and cannot visit relatives and friends.

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