US Congressmen introduce the Kangaroo Act, Australian kangaroo products are at risk of being banned | Australia Chinatown Australia News

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According to a bill introduced by the US Congress this week, kangaroo skins and kangaroo meat will be banned from entering the United States.

Two U.S. congressmen enacted the Kangaroo Protection Act, which will try to prevent the sale of kangaroo leather, which is mainly used to make football boots, in the United States.

新州动物正义党议员皮尔森( Pearson)表示,这代表着袋鼠贸易的重大变革。

Pearson said that unfortunately, internationally, this is another shame and an embarrassment for Australia. We have to let overseas countries make ethical decisions about the way we treat animals.This is very important. It will have a considerable impact on the industry. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the United States imitates what California has already adopted.

The American bill was introduced by Salud Carbajal (Democrat, California) and Brian Fitzpatrick (Republican, Pennsylvania).

Since 2016, Carbajal's hometown of California has banned the import of kangaroo products.

Pearson said that kangaroo products have no place in markets such as the United States.


The executive director of the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia, Kim said, the bill of the US Congress was misguided.

He said that in Australia, there is no commercial hunting of endangered kangaroo species, and no hunting of kangaroos for the purpose of obtaining kangaroo skin.When kangaroos are processed into kangaroo meat and pet food for human consumption, their skins will also remain.There are 50 different kinds of kangaroos in Australia, and the law allows us to hunt and kill 6 kinds of kangaroos in abundance.

Jin said that the commercial kangaroo industry has annual sales of about 2 million yuan and employs about 3000 people, most of whom are indigenous residents living in remote rural communities.

He said that if the Kangaroo Protection Act is passed in the United States, it will have a huge impact on the kangaroo industry.

He said, as we know, it has the potential to destroy our industry here, which will greatly reduce the chance of harvesting these animals, and these skins will eventually remain on the ground to rot.

King said he has scheduled a meeting with the Federal Secretary of Trade and Agriculture later this month to try to block the bill.

He said that we will work with the National Farmers Federation to strive for a coordinated response in this Australian rural industry, because the impact on this industry will be comprehensive. (Su)
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