Virgin airfare is significantly reduced from Sydney to Melbourne for only A$45 –

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维珍澳大利亚航空公司(Virgin Australia)推出了特价机票,同时还增加了预订的灵活性。 据七号新闻台2月10日报道,维珍航空此次机票降价幅度比较大...


According to a report on the 2th News Channel on February 10, Virgin Atlantic's ticket price cut is relatively large. A one-way economy class ticket from Sydney to Melbourne is only priced at $49, while a business class ticket is priced at $199.




A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson pointed out in a statement that the airline is looking for new ways to help people restart their journey after a difficult year.

The spokesperson said, “We are the first airline in Australia to adopt the flexible booking method for COVID-19. We have previously sold more than 200 million tickets at special prices. We have also shared a series of health and hygiene information on social media to ensure Passengers will fly comfortably next time."
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