Was fined for failing to understand the stop sign?The new APP helps you save the pocket Chinese area and experience it first

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
(Image source: Schematic diagram of Pixabay) Sharing the latest research shows that drivers in NSW are fined up to 5000 million Australian dollars a year for misreading stop signs.Software developer UbiPark has developed an application (AP...

(Image source: Schematic diagram of Pixabay)


据澳新社2月24日报道,据UbiPark最新的调查显示,近四分之三的悉尼驾车者发现停车标志令人困惑,涉及地区包括中央商务区()和内城区,例如Surry Hills、Darlinghurst、东区、北悉尼、内西区、西区及北部海岸。
 UbiPark estimates that approximately 1.9% of the $25 million in parking fines in NSW are due to motorists not being able to read parking signs.The company's developers said that the new application uses a new parking sign scanning technology to help you understand the most confusing parking signs, the application can be found in the Google Play store.
It is understood that when the driver scans the stop sign, the application developed by UbiPark will use artificial intelligence technology to analyze the driver's location, time and local traffic rules, and provide the driver with real-time and accurate information.
UbiPark Chief Executive Officer Mosstyn Howell said: “We know that parking in Australian cities is difficult. When you finally find a parking space, the most important thing you need to do is to read multiple parking signs. It turns out that you can’t park your car at all. There."

As part of the pilot program, the application will be gradually promoted in the Sydney city area and is currently online in the Chinese district Chatswood.

Jesus Sydney take a chill pill pic.twitter.com/uJwfOhGFZH

— Dean Nye (@Dean_Nye) August 11, 2018


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