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After returning to China, I rented a house in Shanghai, and the agent left anxiously after signing the contract: I will go back to my hometown tomorrow for the Chinese New Year. See you this year

After returning to China, I rented a house in Shanghai, and the agency hurriedly left after signing the contract: I will go back to my hometown tomorrow for the New Year, and I will see my girlfriend and parents this year.

When the KFC brother was in the sundae, he told his colleagues that he was going home soon for the New Year, and accidentally added several spoonfuls of strawberry jam to me.The taxi driver said that the nephew is getting married, and the wedding date that was scheduled last year has been delayed until this year, and he will go home anyway.Even the courier master said in Anhui Mandarin while delivering the courier: Little girl, I won’t go home this year for the New Year.

Recently, whenever someone asked me if I wanted to go home for the New Year, I said that I still don’t know because the epidemic situation in Harbin is getting worse.Then they will ask: Do you want to go home?I always smile helplessly.They always smiled and said: Hey, who doesn't want to go home for the New Year.Yeah, who doesn't want to go home for the New Year.Wood in Fortune Paradise-The Golden Years Original Soundtrack of TV Series


What they don't know is that I haven't been home for Chinese New Year in 7 years.

At the end of last year, I hurriedly left the United States, where I had lived for 7 years, only had time to take photos of LAX, which I had watched countless times, and posted it to Moments. It was a formal farewell——


Just when I thought everything was ready and I could really go home for the New Year this year, the Harbin epidemic broke out.Ctrip refunded the ticket I bought 5 times in a row.I looked at the sign in the community, I don’t know whether to cry or laugh—


Next, I made serial calls to 12315 every day to confirm the policy, and grabbed the ticket for February 2th in the crack of epidemic relief.After making a non-stop appointment for a nucleic acid test, we lined up in the sun for 9 hours, and finally felt the familiar nose-poking and deep-throat scraping again. On February 4th, I arrived at Pudong Airport as scheduled. It was empty and there was no rush of people during the Spring Festival travel in previous years.


Master Didi said along the way that there are very few orders to the airport, and children in their own kindergartens cannot go back to their hometown in Anhui for the New Year because of the “return to Shanghai must be isolated”.He also said intermittently that during the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, the trip was originally 5 hours, and it took a full 16 hours.Speeding vehicles on high speeds, the word "go home" drove everyone to rush in all directions.


Sitting on the plane from Shanghai to Harbin, I could feel the temperature drop inch by inch.So I began to recall those Chinese New Years in the United States.In retrospect, many Spring Festivals just happened to be overwhelmed by the midterm.I met with the group members in the library, and hurriedly said the last sentence "Happy New Year" and plunged into the 20-page assignment, wrote summary and said that when the hands were shaking, I went to the retail machine to buy a cup of coffee.

When I met a Chinese professor, the other party kindly said: Happy Chinese New Year. I remembered that he drew a full 10 pages of highlight before the midterm tomorrow, but he couldn't get back a word "you too".


I finished my 4th midterm exam that year, and it happened that my mother called Facetime.In the video, relatives were sitting around a table, and I rubbed my eyes all night and said happy new year to all relatives.After the video, I opened the group chat and found that the red envelopes had been robbed.So I checked the circle of friends to see if everyone was as miserable as me, and found that the whole screen was full of hot pot and group photos for New Year's Eve dinner.

I turned off the machine in a fit of anger, bought a cold turkey sandwich at the entrance of the library, silently carrying the speech of tomorrow's presentation.


I am used to pulling my friends in the midterm and rushing to the Chinese supermarket, throwing everything that can be thrown into the hot pot into the shopping cart. Even the wagyu Shabu-Shabu that I usually reluctant to buy has bought two more boxes, thinking "It's the year anyway. Dinner should not be too shabby."

They all said, "The family members who can sit and eat New Year's Eve dinner together", but watching the little brother CS on the table flushed with drinks, he took the hand of the school girl and said, "I will cover your program.cs in the future, It’s hard to accept that this is what a family member looks like.


Turning around, I saw two Chongqing girls playing the unique chopping wood boxing technique in Chongqing. The Sichuan girl said, "American peppers are all sweet", and the Chaoshan junior said "This beef ball is not as good as 1/10000 of my family." The young lady from Literature bit her pen to write a couplet that rhymes in English. Four or five Cantonese people gathered together and used Cantonese to complain "There are really few red envelopes in Guangdong".

For a while, it was no longer empty. It was a wonderful thing to have a table of people working hard to celebrate the Spring Festival in the United States.Of course, long-distance couples prefer to spend the Spring Festival with their spouse.So discuss with the professor to take the midterm in advance, and fly to another city on Friday to meet the people closest to you in this country.


"At this moment, no matter where we are, I hope we can be firm and feel loved."


Sitting in the car going home, said to my father, "It's been a long time since I went home for the New Year.He didn't answer, I don't know if he remembered how I spent the Spring Festival when I was not at home.Only a few seconds later, he said "Yes".During the Spring Festival when I was young, my house was full of fireworks. When I had a New Year’s Eve dinner, I would always take a few bites and drag the adults downstairs to set off fireworks.We always put the sky monkeys and the beautiful flowers in the snowdrifts, and watched the fireworks display biubiubiu to the sky. This is the limited happiness of Northeast children.

After the fireworks went home, I just caught up with Zhao Benshan’s sketches. I rubbed the red ears with my hands and grabbed a handful of fried melon seeds in an iron pan that I bought a year ago. I laughed and watched the sketches as I ate: it’s not bad for selling. Money, blind dates, Xiao Cui talked about things...At that time, Baiyun Hei Tu was the top leader, and that might also be the heyday of Northeast dialect's national popularity.Unfortunately, Zhao Benshan never went to the Spring Festival Gala again, and Song Dandan also sent a letter to bid farewell to the Spring Festival Gala stage.There may only be fireworks left in the childhood memories of the Spring Festival. "Do we also have a lot of fireworks this year?" I asked. "It's been many years since the fireworks were not allowed to be set off, and now they are not sold." Yes, I haven't seen them for many years, and I won't see them again.

Suddenly I didn't know how to open the Spring Festival correctly, so I asked my friends who had returned home how they planned to spend it.

Alice has just returned to Shanghai from New York and is now isolated in Qingpu District.She said that the room was so small that the suitcases could not be opened. This year the Spring Festival will be in the hotel, and she doesn't know if there will be an extra meal on the Lunar New Year. "It doesn't matter, I'll see my parents soon, no matter what, I still have cats here."


Doris said that she checked the email and counted. There were 2 papers and 1 project to be submitted on New Year's Eve.

The parents in the living room are already arranging a New Year trip. She is sitting in the study and arranging how to find a corner in the private room of the New Year's Eve dinner to do presentation.She said that she made 600 calls to China Telecom, hoping to change the data plan to 50GB before the Spring Festival, because every time it was her turn to speak at a zoom meeting, her voice was intermittent and mixed with electric current, and she felt like Megatron was reincarnated.


Dalin had just arrived in Beijing for work and was confused about the Beijing quarantine policy. He was worried that returning to Beijing would delay work and would simply not go home.He planned to go to the embassy to find a foreign restaurant for New Year’s Eve dinner, but—


Cecilia felt that the effect of the online class was extremely poor after taking an exam, so she decided to run the poison back to England.The Sino-British flight was completely cut off, and just flew to Finland for transit on the day before New Year’s Eve——


I said I might meet Santa Claus. She said that she would like him to bring his own wifi, "I have two very important midterms tomorrow." "good luck."

"Wish me luck."

I don't know if you are already sitting at home, and your ears are talking about your parents who are in a mess, or if you haven't been able to go home for the New Year for various reasons, I hope you can feel loved.

I spent 2 years with everyone in a noisy manner. This year the editors have something to say.Na Biu said that in the new year, I hope we can meet in the mountains and rivers on earth as soon as possible, and hope that we will continue to live together innocently. Eileen said, hurry up and hug the one you like, reunite more and have less regret, and have fun if you don't get everything you want.

Scarlet said that he hopes that all fans of the laboratory can achieve their wishes, and also wish that Xiaobawang and Teacher Fu can love each other.Dalin said that if you want to be unique, you will not be the first or second, and be unique like Russia. Winona said, I hope that in 2021, we will all be safe and successful. We will be able to achieve something and still look forward to the next year.

LJJ is too lazy. He said that I wish you all readers, I wish you colleagues who watch our push for inspiration, and wish you all the Party A who have fallen in love and killed each other for a whole year. New Year is awesome.

In 2021, I ended my study abroad life. I hope that in the new year I can continue to be a clear stream of GHS, full of human touch, and I hope you all can be happy.

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