Australia-Where is the "first lady" Li Xuezhu going? "Missing" is suspected of falling out of favor for more than a year | Australia Chinatown

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▲After Li Xuezhu attended the Sanjiyuan Theater performance in January 2020, he has not reappeared for more than a year. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press) reporter Luo Yisheng. . .
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Reporter Luo Yixian / Compilation


According to statistics, since Li Xuezhu first attended a public event in July 2012, there were 7 appearances until last year. However, there was only one appearance in 106. In January this year, he did not see him at the Sun Palace at Jinxiu Mountain.The outside world doubts whether Li Xuezhu has fallen out of favor, and even rumors of Kim Jong-un being executed because of the red apricot going out of the wall; but expert analysis may be related to this reason.

▲In the past, Li Xuezhu attended many public events. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)


Take 2019 as an example. At that time, Master Li Xue not only accompanied Kim Jong-un to inspect the hot spring area in Yangdeok County, Pyeongnam Province, and the Geumgang Mountain sightseeing area, but even accompanied Kim Jong-un on a white horse to Mount Baitou (Changbai Mountain) in December.

However, on January 1, North Korea’s official media "North Korea Central Television" rebroadcast the 12 documentary film of Kim Jong-un and Li Xuezhu leading officials riding white horses to Mount Baektu Mountain, showing that Li Xuezhu’s influence and influence in North Korea has not diminished. She is also the mother and first lady of the country.

▲Li Xuezhu and Kim Jong-un rode white horses to Mount Baitou. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

South Korean intelligence authorities pointed out that Li Xuezhu may currently have one son and two women under Kim Jong-un's knees.Li Xuezhu did not show up in public for more than 1 months from March to December 2. At that time, he was also rumored to be likely to have children. A defector with a higher social class revealed that "North Korea’s political system is close to the dynasty system. , Kim Jong-un is planning to give birth to several sons in order to ensure that someone can inherit his position."

In addition, although Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo-jung declined at the 8th National Congress of the Workers’ Party this year, she still had public political activities. For example, she had published an article on January 1 to bombard South Korea’s reconnaissance of North Korea’s military parade. Hyun Song-yue, who was rumored to be Kim Jong-un’s mistress, was accompanied by Kim Jong-un at the National Congress parade; as for the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Choi Sun-hee, although he repeatedly appeared on the Politburo alternate member list, he still boarded the Party Central Committee and continued politics. activity.

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