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#ICYMI: "God gave him a really amazing life." Kevi. . .

#ICYMI: “God gave him a really amazing life.” Kevin Jiang, a
graduate student, was killed over the weekend. Last night, I spoke
with his fiancé. She shared with me how Kevin will always be
remembered. Link to my story on @WTNH:

— Eva Zymaris (@EvaZymaris)
February 9

The deceased in the case, Kevin Jiang, was a master's student at Yale University, and the wanted Pan Qinxuan was from Shanghai and was a doctoral student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A fatal shooting in Connecticut last Saturday, the Chinese deceased Kevin
Jiang is a Yale University master's student who is only 26 years old; the 29-year-old MIT doctoral student Pan Qinxuan involved in the case (transliteration, Qinxuan
Pan), currently wanted by the police in the United States, accused of possessing firearms, which is very dangerous.Pan Qinxuan comes from Shanghai and is a top student at MIT. He won the 29th place in the world in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

"Kevin Jiang was killed in his car Saturday
in New Haven, Connecticut. Police want to question Qinxuan Pan in
connection with the case."

— Justin “Rabbit Hole J. Cole” Coleman (@DemopJ)
February 11

The wanted Pan Qinxuan is from Shanghai

At 8:30 p.m. last Saturday night, Kevin Jiang was in East Stone District, New Haven, Connecticut.
Rock) suffered multiple shots and died in the blood outside his car. He was 26 years old.The police believed that the incident was related to a traffic accident and dispute that occurred earlier, and Pan Qinxuan, who was involved in the case, is being wanted.

Pan Qinxuan entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2009.In the same year, he accepted online media Asian Fortune
The News interview stated that he came from Shanghai and immigrated to the United States in June 2006 and settled in Maryland. After that, he started to learn piano and won multiple music awards in the region within three years.

In addition to piano skills, Pan Qinxuan is also a master of mathematics. In 2009, he represented the United States in the International Mathematical Olympiad, won the silver medal and ranked 29th in the world.After graduating from undergraduate degree, Qinxuan Pan stayed at MIT to study for a PhD, studying artificial intelligence, and became a researcher at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

Pan Qinxuan was in his mid-teens, who was "successful in studying the piano." He was reported on campus by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The website has now been deleted.Image source:

Pan Qinxuan represented the US team in the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2009, won a silver medal and ranked 29th in the world.Image source:

As for the murdered Kevin Jiang, who was born in Chicago, he moved to Seattle with his family.He studied at the University of Washington (University of Washington)
Washington), after graduating from Yale University School of the Environment (School of the
Environment) to pursue a master's degree.According to Yale University, Kevin
Jiang is a retired U.S. military. He was a tank operator and a "chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear officer" (chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear officer).
nuclear officer).The police said that Kevin Jiang was recently engaged to his fiancée, and this week is his 27th birthday.

Kevin Jiang: Army Vet Yale Grad Student
Killed in New Haven Shooting via /r/army

— /R/Army (@rArmyReddit)
February 9

Kevin Jiang is also a retired US military and a former tank operator.

According to the police, Pan Qinxuan has not been listed as a suspect for the shooting, but he is accused of possessing a gun, which is very dangerous; in addition, he is suspected of possessing a stolen vehicle and has obtained relevant arrest warrants.

The New Haven police referred to Pan Qinxuan as a dangerous person and appealed to the public to report to the police as soon as they found his whereabouts.Image source: New Haven

The police said that Pan Qinxuan’s address was Clifton Street, New Malden, Massachusetts.
193, the last place to appear is Best Western at 201 Washington Avenue, Connecticut
Hotel believes that he has left Connecticut and appeals to the public to report to the police as soon as possible if he finds his whereabouts.The local "World Journal" quoted information as saying that Pan Qinxuan had driven into New York City's Staten Island (Staten Island).


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