Bunnings’s little-known “hidden” service is super convenient to renovate the bathroom

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Bunnings has a "hidden" service, which is very convenient and useful for people who want to renovate the bathroom.However, this service is still little known. (Image source: Bidgee/wikimedia CC BY 3.0...

Bunnings有一项“隐藏”服务,对想要翻新浴室的人非常方便有用。不过这项服务至今仍鲜为人知。(图片来源:Bidgee/wikimedia CC BY 3.0)


According to the Daily Mail, many people who have bought a new toilet find it difficult to find a suitable and affordable plumber.The one-stop service provided by Bunnings and the Australian Tradie website Hipages has solved people's worries.

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David Vitek, owner of Hipages, said the service is designed to help Australians easily order a tradie online.Customers who buy a new toilet only need to pay a fixed fee of AU$275 to upgrade and install, while the old toilet will be taken away by Tradie.

Vitek said: "Bunnings customers only need to purchase toilet kits in the store, and then follow a simple process to contact Hipages tradie."
This service was launched in 2018, and hundreds of Australians have used the service so far.Hipages is said to have worked with more than 4000 plumbers across Australia, and these plumbers have all been reviewed.However, one customer criticized the service charge of 235 Australian dollars higher than the fixed fee, and she did not receive a formal bill or invoice.In addition, the tradie asked her to pay cash on the spot.
The customer also said that the tradie only took her old toilet to a commercial trash can on another street and discarded it.She said: "Bunnings Bunnings Warehouse Toilet Installation Promotion is more like a scam, it is not a good deal at all."

However, Bunnings is confident in their service, saying that it can make it more convenient for people who want to renovate the bathroom. Michael Schneider of Bunnings said: "This is very exciting for Bunnings customers and retailers across Australia. It will make it easier and affordable for customers to refurbish bathrooms."


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