Australia-The Australian oral COVID-XNUMX vaccine has begun human trials, and you will get immunized if you eat it! -Australia Chinatown

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Australian research institutes are conducting human testing of the oral new crown vaccine. There is no place to hide the transportation requirements, everyone can buy it!

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The Australian WeChat News reported that Australian research institutes are conducting human testing of the oral new crown vaccine. There is no place to hide transportation requirements, and everyone can buy it!

Australia conducts human test of oral COVID-XNUMX vaccine

The new coronavirus is still mutating, and research on vaccines has not stopped.In addition to the local mass production of AstraZeneca vaccines, Australia has also conducted more research and development.

Australian media broke the news: A new crown vaccine pill that may completely change the way the epidemic is controlled is undergoing human trials.

This pill can not only avoid the pain of injection, but also can be stored at room temperature, which is easy to transport and does not require medical personnel to transport.

The Australian clinical trial company Nucleus Network is testing the safety of a new oral vaccine for the Canadian biotech company Symvivo, and the test results are expected to be available within the deadline.

Professor Paul Griffin, chief researcher and medical director of Nucleus Network, said in an interview: The laboratory is currently conducting the first phase of clinical trials to test the basic safety of the vaccine and whether it can produce an immune response to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Professor Griffin said that the vaccine works by injecting the spike protein of the virus that causes COVID-19 into a probiotic called Bifidobacterium longum. "This probiotic will be digested and enter the intestinal tract, and then produce a mucosal-based immune response, which can not only make the body produce antibodies against the new coronavirus, but also protect the intestinal tract without any other harm to the human body!"

Not only that, this oral vaccine may also have the effect of reducing virus shedding!

How many pills need to be taken by mouth to achieve such immunity, Professor Griffin did not elaborate, but promised to announce the test results as soon as possible.

Advantages of oral vaccines

Alexander Graves, founder and CEO of Symvivo, said that the gene therapy platform developed for this oral vaccine can enable the patient's own cells to produce proteins that remove the virus from the body. "This unique method delivers genetic material directly to the inner wall of the lower digestive tract, so that the whole body and mucous membranes can produce an immune response against SARS-CoV2."

"The results of this trial will provide valuable information to help develop an oral preparation that can be stored at room temperature. The ultimate goal is to bypass the cold chain supply logistics and deliver the COVID-19 vaccine directly to residents around the world for self-storage. "

There are currently two new crown vaccines that have been recognized worldwide. One is a Pfizer vaccine. It needs to be stored in an environment of minus 70 degrees Celsius to ensure its effectiveness. It is very difficult to store or transport.

The other is the AstraZeneca vaccine. Although it does not require harsh conditions such as minus 70 degrees Celsius, it also needs to be refrigerated, and there are still certain restrictions on transportation.

However, oral vaccines are different. There are no requirements for temperature or storage, and they can even be distributed by express delivery, which is more suitable for large-scale promotion and popularization.

And many experts have said that the new crown epidemic may exist for a long time, and this pill will even become one of the standing medicines at home, which can deal with many emergencies.


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