Australia-Myanmar coup bloody film exposed! 19-year-old overseas Chinese "headshot and tragic death" died | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
▲In the Myanmar coup, a 19-year-old overseas Chinese sister died tragically. (Picture/Reverse[email protected]、@SongMyanm。。。

▲缅甸政变中,一名19岁华侨正妹惨死。(图/翻摄[email protected],@SongMyanmar

缅甸军方2月1日发动政变后,许多民众上街, 而队3日再度Morning者扫射,如今残忍扫射影片曝光,其中一名站队伍前线的19岁华侨正妹玛良乌(Ma
Kyal Sin)被击中头部,惨死枪口之下,死前留下遗言,「请让我捐出身躯救更多人!」更是让众网友看了相当不舍。
Happeningnow in
Hledan , Yangon , Myanmar The military started shooting ppl in the

shelter! Hear our voice!! Please help us !!! @KenRoth


— Honey Nway Oo (@HNwayoo)
February 26

3rd March


Another super hero is shot in the neck by the Junta.

Ma Kyal Sin, 19 years old.

This is a last video of her before she got shot.

Rest In Peace nyi ma lay

You are a true angel.

— Akari Grace (@AkariGrace1)
March 3, 2021

Ma Kyal Sin, or
Angel, was 19. In her last minutes, she kicked open a water pipe so
her friends could wash tear gas from their eyes – and lobbed a tear
gas canister back at the cops. “We won’t run,” she shouted. “She
cared for and protected others as a comrade,” her friend said.

— Geoff Aung (@Rgnhardliner)
March 3, 2021

推特网友指出,玛良乌的华语名叫邓家喜(Deng Jia
A girl with a
Chinese name Deng Jia Xi (facebook name) had been shot dead this
afternoon in Mandalay, Myanmar. Her Facebook account


— DirectXstationey (@DXstationey)
March 3, 2021

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