"The Order to Seal the State" will last at least one year?Qantas CEO is eagerly looking forward to reopening the border in October, experts "pour cold water": the vaccine will never finish

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Since March 2020, Australia has begun to require returning travelers to complete a two-week hotel quarantine, thus avoiding the most serious impact of the epidemic.

This week, quarantine-free travel began between Australia and New Zealand. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has previously stated that he hopes to launch more travel circles this year.

However, two prominent epidemiologists said this is unlikely to happen and warned that most Australians need to be vaccinated before the international border can be safely reopened.

So far, 186 million Australians have been vaccinated.

新南威尔士大学的流行病学家麦克(Mary-Louise Mcs)表示,“目前的推广速度将需要数年的时间。”


The leaders of the states and territories reached an agreement with the federal government this week. Starting next month, the promotion of AstraZeneca vaccine for people over 50 years old will begin to accelerate.



At the same time, Australia is planning to inject Pfizer vaccines for people under the age of 50. Currently, this vaccine can only be produced overseas.



联邦政府已经订购了4000万剂辉瑞疫苗——足够给Human vaccination


Professor Raina MacIntyre, a global biosafety and infectious disease expert at the University of New South Wales, estimates that 70% to 80% of the population needs to be vaccinated before the international border is opened.




本周早些时候,总理莫里森(Scott Morrison)表示,不会匆忙做出取消decision.


He very much hopes to see the resumption of international travel in October-this is the initial timetable for the federal government to vaccinate most Australians.



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