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Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
When Internet companies have developed to a certain size, where can the founders gain strength to maintain the rapid development of the company?Some choose to continue to explore technology, and some. . .

From the perspective of summarizing human wisdom, science does not conflict with traditional Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and religious theology.




生于 60 年代,中学时,他了一段疯狂批判爱因斯坦和牛顿的时期,工作后,又了一段 ” 气功潮

一直到 2009 年,才付之行动。这一年,参加了缙云山绍龙观的观主李一道长为富豪们开设的 ” 辟谷 ”
Ban, spent half a month on a hunger strike to practice "Xian Qi".He also worshipped Wang Xi'an, the XNUMXth generation successor of Chen Taijiquan, as his teacher, and began to learn Taijiquan.

after that,还结交了善于变蛇的王林。不过,李一、王林最后都因涉嫌欺诈而身陷囫囵。

没有人知道,两位 ” 大师 ” 的人设崩塌对Of信仰产生了怎样的影响。

But afterwards,被曝出和西藏第十七世大宝法王噶玛巴 · 伍金赤列多吉的合影。2013 中国传媒大学举办的一场 ” 巅峰对话 ”


Although I can't see the bones of Daofeng, it is somewhat independent of the world.

The real leadership in Chinese management is Taoist philosophy, Confucianism is the best thing for us to strengthen management, and Buddhism is for you to learn how to be a man. "


Huang Zheng "Inherited" Commercial Buddhism


Huang Zheng would follow his grandfather to worship Bodhisattva since he was a child, because his grandfather believes in the existence of superpowers that are higher than this world, but not fully known.When he was in middle school, Huang Zheng learned about Buddhism from books."
Not the wind, nor the flag, but the heart."
It is idealism.Later, he read some books about Zen, saying that Buddhism depends on enlightenment, and it is impossible to say that what can be said clearly is not the true way to Buddhahood.Huang Zheng also went to Fo Guang Shan once and watched Master Hsing Yun's popularization video saying that Buddha is a man or not a god, and everyone is a Buddha.Buddhism says that everything is empty and there must be no clinging.

These are Huang Zheng's core memories of Buddha when he was a student. Obviously, they are not comprehensible, let alone application.In the early days of work and entrepreneurship, Huang Zheng learned more about Buddha from a person who was good at making complex things simple.

This person is Duan Yongping, known as the Chinese Buffett.


Duan Yongping’s Buddhist principles are more applicable to business methodology.

"Persevere in doing the right thing, and strive to do it right."

"Corporate culture allows companies to make fewer principled mistakes. In the same industry, companies with good corporate culture can live longer."

"The summary of corporate culture is a correct combination of terms from the outside of the company, but it actually represents the pursuit of profit within the company."


Huang Zheng, who is regarded as a disciple of Duan Yongping's closed door by the outside world, also applies Duan Yongping's commercial Buddhism to his management of the enterprise.

It was Huang Zheng's last entrepreneurial project, which was also the project that made him famous. He has a thorough understanding of natural sciences such as Buddhism and quantum mechanics.

He realized that the world is unknowable, it is impossible to describe and regulate the world with limited rules, and things are imperfect and incomplete.

Not long ago, Huang Zheng resigned as chairman of Pinduoduo to devote himself to scientific research, perhaps because he wanted to find more rules in the unknown world.

Zhang Yiming's sudden "normal heart"

Before the 9th anniversary of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming and "Xiu Xian Wu Dao" were difficult to associate.

字节跳动最近公布了张一鸣发表的公司 9 周年演讲全文,题目是平常心做非常事》。演讲中,张一鸣说 ” 平常心 ”
It is a word of Buddhism origin. There are many such words in Chinese, such as "Jingjin" and "Thinking into Fei".And his specific perception of "Ordinary Heart" is "
Eat well when you eat, and sleep well when you sleep", "All-in is sometimes lazy", "do not use external factors as internal factors, and luck as abilities".

Zhang Yiming became Buddhist, which was a radical change from his previous impression of killing and decisively.

We can see from Zhang Yiming's speech at annual conferences over the years.

At the end of 2015, Zhang Yiming felt that Bytedance was "a decent company", so he could only make it in March 2016.
The first annual meeting was officially held in October.At the first annual meeting, Zhang Yiming’s keynote speech focused on: 2016
We must decisively fight for the first place in the country.Since then, the theme of the annual meeting will be globalization, social responsibility, organizational upgrading and other specific goals and actions for company development.

These goals have also been achieved by Zhang Yiming one by one, and ByteDance has been valued at 5000 billion US dollars.


This change seems to have its own will in the dark.

2018 年 4 月 6 日,张一鸣在个人的头条号上转发了一篇财经》拼多多创始人黄峥的文章,并评论:

"Actually, it is difficult for ordinary people to have an ordinary mind." This is good.

This sentence is from Duan Yongping.

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