Blood collapse!A 70000 billion disk crashed! ! !

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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Playing Bitcoin is really a kind of gambling. It's a heartbeat!
No, tonight, it's bloody.
Today, the price of Bitcoin suddenly crashed. At 22 o'clock in the evening on the 10nd, the price of Bitcoin was still hovering at around US$55000. As a result, the figure has now reached US$48695, which has fallen by nearly US$6300 in one day, a plunge of over 10%. The biggest drop since March 3.
"It was still 50000 US dollars when viewing the market, 49000 US dollars when placing an order, and 48000 US dollars when I clicked to confirm. I didn't dare to speak, I was afraid of delaying time."
In addition to Bitcoin, other digital currencies have also plummeted. The most interestingMusk blew the "Dogecoin" into the sky in one breath. The 24-hour decline once exceeded 26%. Yesterday it was a Husky, but now it has fallen into a little Teddy.

Blood flowed into a river, just like this wave of diving, the cryptocurrency market, wiped out about 2600 billion U.S. dollars in value.
When I wrote an article a few days ago to advise you not to participate in this kind of gambling, when Bitcoin rose so well, the backstage was almost sprayed into a sieve by the crowd.

But it's useless to spray me as a shi. The currency circle is still that virtuous, highly volatile "slaughter field". As an ordinary person, you can't play well at all. People originally wanted you to send people away!

The poorest ones are those who feel that they are at the forefront of the times after giving away their heads. They don't know that they may go to the forefront to grab money or get a saber.For this kind of person, I don't think you should look down. I wish you well.

If you are still in this circle, or have played a while but are not addicted to it, I advise you to read this article carefully and read it repeatedly.

Or gave up the idea of ​​getting rich early,It's better to be a small business, and to test a civil servant than to speculate in coins.

Is there anything in the world to get rich for no reason? All the methods to get rich overnight are either written in the criminal law or hidden inIn the trap!
The most direct reason for the sharp drop in Bitcoin this time is news that Biden plans to impose a capital gains tax of up to 43.4% on the wealthy.fry然难逃此劫。

There are even market rumors thatU.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen plans to propose a capital gains tax of up to 80% on digital currency transactions.

Of course, these are all post-mortem attribution methods, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the reason why this wave is "blooded"洗”,最主要原因,恐怕仍在监管:

Recently, more and more news indicate that digital currency may face greater pressure from the regulatory authorities, and countries are looking at the risks related to digital currency more closely.

For example, market rumors that the U.S. Treasury Department will accuse several financial institutions of using cryptocurrency to launder money. Not only may it ban Bitcoin in the U.S., but it is also very likely to unite countries around the world to strangle digital currencies!


In fact, even if the regular army of various countries does not suppress bandits, virtual digital currencies like Bitcoin are inherently a game that will return to zero.
After all,Bitcoin and other digital currencies have original sins. Its biggest original sin is that there is no national credit endorsement and no legal protection. It can only be anarchist carnival and wealth illusion.
If you look at Bitcoin exactly once, the central bank loses.
In the final analysis, Bitcoin is a kind of Ponzi scheme, which requires believers to enter the market and increase prices. This is based on the promise that more believers will join in the future.Once there are no latecomers to participate in this silly game, Bitcoin will be worthless.
Alas, this is the self-hypnosis in the financial world. It allows you to harvest a wealth of carnival. Although you wake up with empty money, there was a peak experience of dopamine bursting.
Just like taking drugs, it's hard to stop your heart addiction!


The most regrettable thing is that in this land of China, there are too many extrajudicial fanatic Zhang San who is crying and screaming willing to give away his head.
People who dream of getting rich every day will basically have to jump off the building.
On June 6 last year, such a tragedy happened in Dalian: a family of three fell into the sea from the bridge.Among them, the husband was rescued and rushed to the hospital. His wife and 18-year-old child disappeared.
After the truth became clear, everyone discovered that this tragedy was caused by the failure to invest in Bitcoin. In this case, the husband and wife decided to commit suicide because of the failure to invest in Bitcoin. After the existing husband killed his daughter, he left a suicide note with his wife. Later, he threw his daughter's body off the bridge and jumped into the sea to commit suicide.
This is just a case. In fact, in the Bitcoin world, cases of jumping from buildings due to skyrocketing are everywhere, and cases of jumping from buildings due to plummeting are also everywhere.
Speaking of stocks in the past, it is said that a casino fanatic said: Don’t tell me about position control, the old man has always been a shuttle, winning the club’s young model, and losing to work in the sea.
In the currency circle, if you lose, you still want to work in the sea?Do not make jokes.
The home is broken and the family is dead.


The earthen jar does not break away from the side of the well!

As long as you wet your shoes once, it will be forever!

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