Australia-Australia Chinatown-Morrison announced an emergency blockade of Indian flights: a "blocking period" of three weeks

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In response to the deteriorating new crown epidemic in India, Prime Minister Morrison announced on Tuesday on behalf of the Australian government that all flights from India will be banned from now until May 5.Not only are all direct flights banned, but from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Doha. . .



He also said that Australia will send a series of medical supplies to India to help it solve the serious shortage of medical supplies.Australia will send 500 ventilators, as well as 100 million surgical masks, 50 protective and surgical masks, goggles and face shields.

As Australia is also facing a shortage of vaccines and India has stepped up its domestic vaccine production, Australia will not send vaccines.

In the past week, India’s infection rate surged to the highest level of any country in seven days, adding 220 million cases, twice the number of cases in the United States during its peak in January.

The country has increased by 24 cases and 352,991 deaths in the past 2812 hours alone. However, due to the widespread use of large-scale outdoor cremation among the people in India, statistics are limited and people are worried that the actual death toll may be higher.

Oxford Economy院(Oxford Economics)的印度分析师基肖尔(iyanka Kishore) said, "The number of deaths is now doubling every 10 days."

澳洲外交部长佩恩(Marise Payne)、澳洲驻印度大使奥法雷尔(Barry O‘Farrell)以及卫生部、外交贸易部和内政部的最近几天一直在讨论如何处理这场危机。


Australia莫里森(Scott Morrison)上周宣布将来自印度的航班减少30%。

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