Australia-Australia Chinatown-Attention to Jobkeeper: Failure to do so when filing taxes will result in miserable fines!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
The Jobkeeper has officially ended this week. If Australians make a mistake on the upcoming tax return, they will face a huge fine.This Monday (29th) is the first of the end of the retention subsidy. . .



He said: "Even if you just fill in the wrong claim amount, or you underestimate your income because you missed a few payments, it will attract the attention of the Australian Taxation Office."

It is reported that the Australian Taxation Office will impose a 25% fine on those who miscalculate the tax owed, but if someone deliberately evades tax, the fine will rise to 75%.

In the past year, there were 360 million在某个阶段通过雇主获得了留职补贴。澳洲纳税人已经在留职补贴项目上花费了900亿元,这是导致澳洲出现二战以来最大预算赤字的主要因素。查普曼对此表示,随着澳洲The strong recovery in China will put more pressure on the taxation department.He said that the Australian Taxation Office will take more compliance actions this year.

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