Australia-Huang Lei's 7-year-old second daughter who dyed blue hair was accused of being too mature, and her parenting method was introduced |

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On April 4, actor Sun Li updated a photo on social platforms. Huang Lei's second daughter and Huang Duoduo's sister Huang Shaoai rarely showed up.In the photo, my sister. . .






After Huang Duoduo has grown up now, instead of dyeing his hair as much as he did when he was a child, he has followed the temperament route.

Browsing Huang Duoduo's social updates, she often publishes some of her own photos, most of which look mature and temperamental.


There is also this one, wearing a low-cut shirt, with the same profile as his mother Sun Li.

I usually wear a strapless outfit.

The younger sister is different from the older sister. Without her gentle temperament, she has a strange spirit.



But my younger sister also loves beauty, and usually likes to put on her own lipstick.

Occasionally he will do manicures.

Like my sister, I have pierced ears.




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