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Once upon a time, it was enviable that German companies urged their employees to leave work on the Internet and take 150 days off each year.However, recently, an article in Germany also appeared "9...
            曾几何时,网上传出德国公司催员工下班,年休 150 天,令人羡慕。

However, recently, an article "996" appeared in Germany, which surprised many people.

Mobile Internet has changed the global work landscape

In early April, an article circulated on the Internet called "4"
"The ghost of "has been wandering back to Germany".The main argument is that some Internet companies in Germany, and even automobile manufacturing companies, have renewed the "996"
In addition, Germany’s strict labor laws are completely powerless.

If you read this article carefully, you will find that the examples are very pale, and there are many cases mentioned, but it is the Germans who passed the work pressure to the foreign workers.

But this does not deny the fact that the state of work in Germany and the whole of Europe has changed.

Although there is no universal "996" or "007" situation in Europe, the Internet and globalization are changing the work landscape of the entire developed countries.

Things start to happen from the mobile internetof.

Even in the traditional Internet era, strict labor laws and stable working spaces are the basic forms of work worldwide.Because almost all companies are physical existence, this kind of work space where monks can't run away from temples makes the management and records of employees available for investigation. However, the miserable email records of employees of Chinese multinational companies have become a protection. An important tool for staff rights.

However, the emergence of mobile Internet and instant messaging software, on the one hand, makes people no longer bound by fixed offices, on the other hand, it also makes the boundaries of working hours continue to be blurred.What used to be completely personal time after get off work can now be summoned by the ubiquitous mobile Internet at any time.

The old labor laws simply cannot keep up with the times.

YearForcing many companies to adopt a home office approach.The phenomenon of all employees working from home, which was almost unimaginable, was suddenly caused byIt has been accelerated, and it has become common.

This looks moreThe modernized office form has accelerated the blurring of the jurisdictional threshold of the old labor law.Web conferencing, telecommuting, and online human resource management make it almost impossible to implement outdated, fixed-office-based labor inspections.

What's more important is the collapse and disintegration of old professional institutions.In the traditional era, people are accustomed to relying on a commercial organization, and commercial organizations are accustomed to adopting fixed locations, personnel, and hierarchical management based on small mobility and scope of activities.

▲ Picture source: Pixabay

The mobile Internet has completely broken this fixed model.Employees who were accustomed to clinging to and looking for a sense of belonging can now choose their own cooperation model with a company more freely and freely, or they can choose to hire themselves, or do odd jobs on the Internet, and adopt a more free project system.

The negotiating ability of freelance or project employers declines

The liberation of occupations has indeed given more people freedom of choice to a large extent.However, no matter what kind of professional work mode is adopted, it will inevitably mean the transfer and transfer of greater control power from the hands of individuals to the hands of employers.

mostFrom the perspective of labor protection, free employment is relatively unfriendly to employees, and labor supervision becomes more difficult, which reduces the negotiation ability of freelance or project employers.

The mobile Internet and the globalized industrial collaboration system have changed the old work pattern on a large scale.The resulting work from home has exacerbated the prevalence of this situation.

Over the years, Internet companies orThe “996” normalization of large-scale companies has appeared in many countries. ”996″
For the Internet generation, it may become a world-class work routine.

The "996" trend in Europe and America is becoming more and more obvious

The above seems like a good thing, doesn't it?There are more choices, more freedom, and even though labor inspection is difficult to achieve, more people have gained freedom.

Unfortunately not.

In Hollywood and European movies, one scene that people can often see is that one person has several jobs, working day and night, "996"
It is not enough to describe the intensity of their work.

This is not a Hollywood exaggeration, but real.

The freedom of work in the Internet age is actually replaced by two "polluted outputs":

▲ India, image source:

First, outsourcing work makes work in developed countriesOutput gaveChina.In other words, to ensure that Europe and the United States do not
"996", India, Vietnam, Mexico and Central America and other countries and regions will generally "996".

Second, the prosperity of the Internet industry has led to the decline of traditional industries in Europe and the United States. Therefore, traditional jobs can provide less and less protection., You have to keep increasingAnd extend the working hours.

This is not something that has just happened, but it follows the shape of the industry., European and American working mechanisms have long beenThe.

Trade unions in the United States and Europe have already declined.

In Europe and America, "996", even longer workThe trend is becoming more and more obvious.Of course, this is not a good thing for ordinary workers.

European and American societies face wider competition

Globalization has not only caused drastic changes in labor relations in these underdeveloped countries, but has also caused qualitative changes in labor relations in Europe and the United States..

After World War II, with the exception of the United Kingdom and the United States, basically all developed countries have seen the strengthening of welfarism and the government’sMore intervention and general investment in public utilities.One of the most important, of course, is the protection of workers.

But from the 20s of the 90th century
The globalization and Internet movement that began in the XNUMXs have caused such protection to decline on a large scale in European and American countries.European and American countries are unwilling to lag behind in the global competition arising from globalization. Therefore, various countries have relaxed policy restrictions on a large scale to strengthen the freedom of companies and enable them to gain an advantage in global industrial competition.

The rise and decline of globalization are changing the entire economic structure of Europe and the United States.In the old economic structure, Europe and the United States stood at the top of the manufacturing industry, while other countries in the world were either markets or raw materials. Global profits were continuously flowing to Europe and the United States. Among them, the production class was stable and prosperous; but today the situation has completely changed. , Which started with low-end manufacturingChinese countries, including India, China and the United States and Latin America, are constantly launching attacks on Europe and the United States.

At the same time, European countries’ “excessive welfare” welfare policies have eased the contradiction between the rich and the poor for a long time, but at the same time they have weakened the improvement of work efficiency and the economy.Power.

Nowadays, European and American societies are facing wider competition, which means pressure at the same time.From this perspective, the global economic structure, Has pulled down the European and American middle class and returned to the arena of competition.

This is a structured issue, a by-product of the global distribution of benefits, the replacement of old and new industries, and the major changes in professional patterns.

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