Australia-Australia Chinatown-TPG Chairman, the Chinese founder suddenly announced his resignation: the family quit the board

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David Teoh, the Chinese founder and chairman of TPG Telecom, suddenly announced his resignation this morning. He and his wife founded the legendary Australian Internet telecommunications company in 1992. Teoh is here. . .

TPG Telecom的华裔创始人兼董事长 Teoh今天上午突然宣布辞职,他和他的妻子于1992年创立了这家传奇式的澳大利亚互联网电信企业。


这对夫妇的儿子Shane Teoh也辞董事会的职务。

TPG首席执行官表示:“在去年沃达丰与TPG合并後,整合进展顺利,[] Teoh决定辞去董事会职务。”



“我感谢股东,员工和多年来的支持,并向即将上任的董事长坎宁·霍克(Canning Fok)致以特别的感谢,我非常敬重他是一位敏锐的商人。

"I am still committed to the company and will follow its future with great interest."

Fok said Teoh's contribution is "unparalleled." Fok said: "He has promoted major changes in the Australian telecommunications market and established the position that TPG Telecom will stand on."



“ TPG Telecom现在是一家提供全方位服务的电信提供商,并且是澳大利亚一些最受欢迎的品牌的集合,其包括沃达丰,TPG和iiNet。

"It owns and operates a nationwide mobile and fixed network, has more than 500 million mobile users and 200 million fixed broadband users, and has nearly 6000 employees."

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