The new hawks look forward to working with China to ensure stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region | Australia Chinatown

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The new Secretary of Defense, Peter Dutton, who is considered to be the toughest figure in the Scott Morrison cabinet against China, said that the federal government hopes to cooperate with China to ensure the security of the Indo-Pacific region.But he warned Beijing that this does not mean that Australia will tolerate any country to militarize ports in the region or exert influence through cyber attacks.
        【本报坎培拉讯】被认为是莫礼逊(Scott Morrison)内阁中对华最强硬人物的新任国防部长杜顿(Peter Dutton)说,联邦政府希望与中国合作来确保印-太地区安全。但他警告北京,这将不代表澳方容忍任何国家把本地区港口或通过网络攻击来施加影响力。

While former US Secretary of State Pompeo warned that China might launch military operations against Taiwan in the next few years, Duton, who was transferred from the Secretary of the Interior to the Secretary of Defense during the cabinet reorganization last week, said that Australia will work to promote stability and peace in the region. .
He told Sky News Australia on Sunday that Australia will work with the main partners in the Indo-Pacific region-the United States, Japan and India-to ensure that the region is free from conflict, but its approach will not be " Confrontational".
"Obviously, China has long been ambitious about Taiwan. We want to ensure that our region achieves peace, and we can cooperate with China... to ensure that we can cooperate with other people in the region."
"We don't want to see conflict, we want to make sure we work with our partners to make sure that this does not become a reality."
Duton responded to this by stating that the "Global Times" allegations were "half of the truth", but only in that the Australian government will continue to work closely with Washington.
「但是我们并不是以对立的方式这样做,而是以保护我们的主权和的方式这样做。 我们不支持港口,我们不支持任何外国试图通过网络攻击或其他方式在这里施加影响。 我们不想看到我们所区的冲突。」
"We will continue to work closely with countries like China because this is a very important partnership."
In the first interview, Dr. Campbell said: "We have made it clear that the United States is not prepared to improve relations (with China) on its own while close allies are subjected to some form of economic coercion."
Pompeo said in an interview with The Australian on Saturday that he believes Beijing may launch military operations against Taiwan in the next few years.
"Unification of Taiwan is their goal. The means they will use are mandatory on the front end and military on the back end only when necessary."
He said: "These are four good friends. They are true democracies, with the hustle and bustle that comes with them, but they are true democracies that work hard every day to make their country great."
Duton claimed that Australia is determined to continue working "very closely" with all partners in the Indo-region.
He said: "All of us want to see emerging powers like China work closely with existing powers like the United States."
"We want to make sure that (conflict) does not become a reality."
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