6 more cases! The RMIT teaching building was locked down, and Chinatown restaurants were recruited, all a source of infection

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


The number of local cases in Victoria is still increasing,

Today, 6 new cases will be announced again!

More outbreak sites announced,

RMIT has also become a high-risk location,


Waiting time for some detection points exceeds 2 hours!


6 new cases were added locally,

RIMT school building blockade

According to the data released by the Victorian Health Department today,

6 new cases were diagnosed locally,

The cumulative number of confirmed cases has risen to 15!

(Image source: ABC News)

The Ministry of Health has reported 24 new local cases in the past 11 hours, including the five announced yesterday, all of which are part of the Whittlesea infection cluster.

It is understood that these 6 latest cases are closely related to existing cases in the cluster, and the next 24 hours are very critical.很担心这个数字还会继续增长。

Acting Governor Merlino said that further action cannot be ruled out to stop the epidemic that has spread to Melbourne and the northern suburbs of Victoria.

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley said at the press conference that 301 major close contacts have been identified, and so far, 80 have returned negative results after testing.

However, as close contacts, they are still in isolation.

This morning, the number of exposed locations increased rapidly, and two bars in Prahran were recently listed as first-level exposure locations on Saturday night.

Rmit has also become a risk exposure site, and employees and students have received.

(Image source: The Age)



The university stated that during the deep cleaning period, students and employees will be prohibited from entering the 56th and 57th floors.

The remaining campus buildings will remain open.

The university also stated that the building will soon be included in the government's list of risk exposure sites.

In addition,also家唐人街的也中招。

位于唐人街的这家Bamboo House已被列为1级暴露地点。任何在5月21日上午11至11点50分前往这家餐厅的人,请立即隔离并接受检测。

Currently, the list of newly-added primary exposure sites issued by the Victorian Health Department is as follows:

Secondary/List of three-level risk exposure locations:


The detection point was squeezed,

Wait for more than 2 hours at some inspection points

according to,墨尔本北部某些站点的等待时间很长,六个站点的等待时间长达两个小时或更长时间。

The Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital opened at 8:00 in the morning and was overwhelmed by 8:15 in the morning, with cars already occupying the road.

The test site of the Ministry of Health lists the hospital as the busiest test site, with an estimated waiting time of three hours.而在以下站点,报告的等待时间为两个小时或更长时间:

Hampstead Road (150 minutes)

Chadstone — Golfers Drive (120 minutes)

Banyule Community Health — Greensborough (120 minutes)

Aughtie Walk — Albert Park (120 minutes)

La Trobe University — Bundoora Campus (120 minutes)

(Image source: The Age)

Since yesterday,Various testing sites in Melbourne have been crowded.

(Image source: The Age)

The Victorian government stated yesterday thatThey will establish more temporary inspection points today to cope with the surge in testing requirements.


The Victorian epidemic has rebounded,

In just three days,

The number of confirmed cases has risen to 15 cases.

The virus is coming fiercely,

The epidemic prevention war has started again.

Everyone must do a good job of protection,

Wear a mask indoors;


Sign in in time when you go out;

If you feel unwell, go to the test immediately!

It is hoped that the epidemic in Victoria can be brought under control as soon as possible.

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