Melbourne's fourth lockdown: Victoria blocked for seven days since midnight, B161 mutant strain is more contagious

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Victoria has conducted more than 24 tests in the past 4 hours and recorded 12 new local cases.One of the cases was the one confirmed on Wednesday.
代理州长詹姆斯·梅利诺(James Merlino)在周四的会上说:“我们已经确定了1万多名一级和二级密切接触者需要隔离,或者测试并隔离,这个数字将继续增长和变化。”
The contact tracing team is currently processing more than 1 contacts and more than 150 virus exposure points across the state.
Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said that what the authorities are dealing with isThe highly infectious B161 mutant strain.
“当我们看到一名成员被,几乎所有家庭成员都被. "

Melino said that only the following5 reasons to leave home :
  • Necessary goods and services for shopping

  • Authorized work or study

  • Go out for exercise

  • Caring for others or for sympathy or medical reasons

  • vaccination

  • Social restrictions in the next 7 days

  • No private or public gatherings

  • Masks must be worn both indoors and outdoors

  • Schools will also be closed, only necessary workers’ children can go to school, while childcare centers will remain open

  • 超市和药店、加油站、等基本服务将继续营业,但餐馆、酒吧和咖啡馆将仅限于外卖

  • Do not exercise or shop more than 5 kilometers away from home

  • The daily exercise time will also be limited to two hours, and at most two people can exercise together

  • Weddings will be prohibited unless there are special circumstances

  • Religious ceremonies will also be banned

  • Expanded scope of vaccination

Melino also announced on Thursday,
Starting Friday (May 5), all Victorians over the age of 28 are eligible to receive the COVID-40 vaccine.
He said that the only way to eliminate uncertainty is to vaccinate.
"There is only one way to overcome this pandemic, successfully launch a federal vaccine program, and replace hotel quarantine, especially for those who are very, very high-risk."
Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley (Martin Foley) elaborated on the changes in vaccination eligibility.
He said: "If you are under 50, that is, between 40 and 49 years old, you are eligible to receive Pfizer vaccines from those Victorian Vaccine Operations Centers that are able to provide Pfizer vaccines."
Considering the special nature of the vaccine, it is necessary to make an appointment for vaccination. 
首席医疗官保罗·凯利(Paul Kelly)在周四下午表示,墨尔本大已被宣布为联邦热点地区,并敦促维州人接种疫苗。 
He also said that Victoria is dealing with a "more spreadable virus". 
up to now, Australia has used more than 390 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, of which Victorians have received more than 100 million doses.
south的卫生官员公布了一份关于Wollert男子如何被的报告。首席公共卫生官员尼古拉·斯珀里尔(Nicola Spurrier)说,报告发现,很可能是前一位者在开门取食物后,病毒附在了气溶胶上。
Soon after, the Wollert man living in the next room opened the door and took the courier. It was likely that he was exposed to the virus at that time.

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