Burst!Four new cases of community transmission in Victoria overnight, the source of infection is unknown! Hired in Highpoint Mall!The authorities immediately sounded the alarm and fined $4 for not wearing a mask!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

LeadDon't let your guard down!

The Victorian epidemic has been stable for a long time,

Everyone gradually dropped their vigilance.

There are basically no people wearing masks outdoors,

Connected to public transportation where masks should be worn,

There are also many people who do not wear masks.


(Source: 7news



Today in North Melbourne,

New4 casesCommunity communication,

The source of infection is unknown!


At present, the authorities have announced 2 outbreak sites,

Concord Swimming School in Bundoora,

And highpoint shopping center!





4 people were diagnosed all at once,

The number of close contacts has not yet been confirmed,

But it should not be a small number.


I hope Victoria can survive this wave!



4 new cases of community transmission in Victoria,

The source of infection is unknown!

The Victorian Health Department said in a statement issued this morning that there were two suspected positive cases today, and they believe the two cases are related.
The Ministry of Health said that they are conducting a full investigation of this and launching preliminary public health response measures while the two suspected confirmed cases are in self-isolation.
And by this afternoon,
Public health bureau directlyMelbourneKita
4 confirmed diagnoses!
They come from the same family.
Around August 5At first, a man showed flu-like symptoms and was tested on Sunday and then diagnosed.A male relative was also infected as a result, but was asymptomatic.
Since then, two more members of the family were subsequently diagnosed, the patient was a child and a woman.
The family lives inWhittlesea,距墨尔本中央商务区以北约15公里。他们并不都生活在同一个家中,该家族中没有其他人对新冠It was positive.
Health Minister Martin Foley said there was no evidence that the family had direct contact with the man who was reconfirmed in Victoria after being quarantined in South Australia.
That means there may be other people spreading between these two infection chains.
目前维州当局确定了一个一级-5月21日8:55am至10.15am,跳水游泳学校地址为4/37 The Concord in Bundoora。
Anyone in the swimming school during the above period must be tested immediately and isolated for 14 days.
Another case also visited the Highpoint shopping mall from 5 to 20 pm on May 5.Anyone in the shopping mall must be quarantined and tested until further notice.
If you have been to the above places or have symptoms of new crown, please actively take the test,The operating hours of the main testing center will be extended to 8 o'clock in the evening.
The authorities said: “It is hoped that even those with the mildest symptoms will be urged to conduct self-test and quarantine until a negative result is obtained.”
Australian netizens said:马上就会有新的波疫情爆发, Everyone must take good care of protection and actively vaccinate!
As early as last Friday, near the Epping and Wollert districts in the north of Melbourne污水中发现了trace, Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton issued a warning about the "worrying" situation in the North District, asking people with symptoms of infection to go for testing and quarantine.
(Source: the age
The reason why the North District fell is due to the recentMelbourne man diagnosed after Adelaide hotel quarantine lives in Wollert area.
And at this critical momentThe Victorian Department of Health has dropped the chain again.卫生部竟然给出了错误的疫情.
调查人员错误得将Epping区的Woolworths超市列为,而实际确诊病例去过的是3公里之外的Woolworths in Epping North.
(Source: the age
当局强烈建议任何在5月8日周六下午5点40分到6点38分去过Epping North区的Woolworths超市的民众接受检测,并在检测结果为阴性之前隔离。
This oolong can be regarded as annoying everyone!But Transport Minister Jacinta Allan said it was too early to link the two new suspected cases to Woolworths in Epping North, Melbourne.
She said: "It is understood that these two cases are related. They are now participating in close contact tracking. It is too early to conclude that there is a connection between these two cases and previous cases."
(Source: the age
Fines for not wearing masks on public transport!
Winter is coming, the epidemic has gradually emerged, but people's vigilance has relaxed.It is reported that since Melbourne emerged from the second COVID-11 lockdown in November, the compliance rate of masks on trains and trams has dropped from 19% at the time to the presentJust over 50%.
(Source: 7news
According to Australian media reports today, Victorian train and tram passengers who refuse to wear masks when commuting or going to school in the morning may be fined.200 Australian dollars.
The decline in the number of people following the health instructions prompted the Victorian government to decide to implement a mask blitz starting today.
公共交通部长本·卡洛尔(Ben Carroll)表示,接下来的里拒绝当局提供口罩的乘客将被罚款。
(Source: 7news
He told reporters on Sunday: "We will distribute masks at 70 city railway stations, about 50 V/Line stations and tram stations.
"If the protective service personnel or the police remind you and hand you a mask, please bring it. If you refuse to wear the mask while you are given it, you will be fined."
Carroll denied that the mask blitz was related to the recent panic.
(source:The internet)
"Therefore, this is a very timely inspection. We will communicate this message with our partners and protective services from the Victoria Police Department."
This is quite human, as long as you forget to wear a mask, you can avoid fines.But if you don’t want to wear all the masks, you should be fined.
Do not open the country before the general election,

Australia's border measures are comparable to North Korea!

In the latest pre-judgment case, the Australian government stated that China will not open its borders until next year, and the latest analysis is that the general election will be in May next year.Therefore, in order to stabilize the epidemic, the Morrison governmentWill not open a country before the election.
Australian media reported today that the border measures for the outbreak in Australia have been ridiculously strict.Even Saudi Arabia last week eased the citizen ban on flying abroad that was imposed at the beginning of the pandemic.
In North Korea, leaving the country without government permission is illegal, but the authoritarian regime imposed this ban on its citizens long before the outbreak.
(Source: the age
Looking at the world now, almost only Australia requires its citizens, including citizens with dual citizenship, to travel overseas only if they are exempted by the government.
In other democracies, citizens will not be strictly restricted from leaving the country even during the blockade.
For example, in Europe, the government told citizens not to travel, but the government did not prevent citizens from leaving the country for necessary reasons, nor did it require them to seek government permission to leave, as in Australia.
(Source: the age
In March, the United Kingdom imposed restrictions on international travel. Traveling abroad is considered a crime, but British people only need to fill in additional forms, and they can still leave the country as long as they are justified.

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