The second Indian evacuation flight has arrived in Irvine! All 165 passengers are allowed to board

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

On Sunday morning, a plane carrying 165 Australians fromAfter getting off and landing in Darwin, there were no passengers this time becauseCOVID-19:Banned after testing positive.他们将很快乘坐Go to Howard Sings.

The fact that all passengers are allowed to board the flight this time is in stark contrast to the fact that the first flight to Darwin was scheduled to provide 150 seats, but only 80 seats were filled. Of course, it does not rule out passengers arriving in Australia. There is a possibility of confirming the diagnosis when undergoing quarantine.


在南澳和⻄澳各同意各接收一趟撤侨航班后,6月4日前由政府协助的航班也将增加, Increased from 6 to 8.


These two states join the ranks of Victoria, NSW and Queensland. These states will each accept one flight, while the Northern Territory will accept three flights.

A spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) stated that the flight will arrive in Darwin on Sunday.. "The spokesperson said, “We encourage Australians seeking to return to register their details with DFAT.

The 42 passengers who were originally scheduled to take the first flight last week, because it was three days before the departureDiagnosed during mandatory hotel quarantinePositive and unable to, And their31Close contacts were also banned.


In the first flight, many were denied的乘客对他们阳性的准确性提出了质疑,并表示他们从其他实验室收到的是阴性.

But ABC last weekIt is said that the testing laboratory for Qantas has been suspended by the national certification body of India last month.

然而,DFAT和澳航都不认为,上周有乘客被错误剥夺登上首架航班的权利。在隔离一段时间后,DFAT将优先考虑那些因检测Positive and unable toIndian travelers.

"DFAT has contacted all passengers who failed to board the assisted flight on May 5 in order to arrange a time for their return."


The charter flights were arranged after the federal government announced in April that it imposed a temporary travel ban on passengers from India. The ban has attracted opposition from some members of the community and has been criticized by legal experts.

There are approximately 11,200 Australians registered with DFAT who want to return from India, and 1000 of them are classified as vulnerable.The latest flight to Darwin is since the outbreak,40th trip from India assisted by the governmentFlights from Australia.


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