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Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
I said that I would publish the results photos for the second anniversary of fitness (June this year), and I also said that I would publish the 6-year-old and 25-year-old comparison photos.But mother-in-law

I said that I would publish the results photos for the second anniversary of fitness (June this year), and I also said that I would publish the comparison photos of 6 and 25 years old.

But the mother-in-law has always been too lazy to take pictures, so let's summarize with the old photos, and don't have to wait until June.


This is a comparison of the face shape of a 25-year-old vs a 40-year-old.

(They are all black straps + brooches. You can still look at your arms when you are 25 years old.)



For nearly two years, I either went to the gym three times a week for private lessons or did gymnastics at home.

Since the Spring Festival (because the gym closed), I have been jumping to the B station video at home.

会先热身。有力气就跳10 MIN,没力气就跳12 MIN,轻松一点。


Dance with super weak energy.



Then practice the ass.

我真的好爱这两个orkout,每天轮换着做一个,保证屁股每天都是酸的。12 MIN那个需要弹力圈。


Then I will practice the abdomen, and Pamela will make one of these two, who will tear when he is full of energy.


Finally lift the dumbbells.How to lift dumbbells, click here.

不过重复举哑铃真心枯燥,我最近开始做下面这两个orkout了,用一对3kg + 一对2kg哑铃。


What standards should be used to control diet? Click here.

From aerobics to diet control, I actually didn't insist on every day, but intermittently is better than giving up altogether.

So...because I don't like taking pictures (especially before fitness), today there is no before and after comparison chart that everyone is looking forward to.

The point is to talk about some insights since fitness.Although I am not the most beautiful cub in the gym, I am definitely the one who thinks about the most~


1. 70 points for the actionist > 0 points for the perfectionist

As mentioned earlier, I would apply a mask while lifting dumbbells while lying down. Some readers pointed out the drawbacks: sports will cause sweating and affect the effect of the mask.

That's right, you should do what you should do, what can achieve 100 points is the most ideal.


Will working together affect each other's effects?definitely!However, I know myself too well. If I pursue perfection and do it separately, I will definitely give up both.


more than,很多事情都会碰到完美主义者的质疑——“这真的是练臀的最见效动作吗?”“这种饮食法真的可以最快减重吗?”

First of all, whether it is exercise or diet, it is difficult to find a "best solution" that is better than others for anyone, and you will know it after you have tried it.

Secondly, to think too much about "Is it the most efficient way?" is actually a kind of lazy psychology; trying to get the most generous return with the least effort is full of worries, and in the end it may not even start at all.


There is also a "best solution" that works for everyone, just two words: start + persistence.

Sticking to a 70-point fitness method is better than doing nothing because you haven't found a 100-point plan.

So, find a way to motivate yourself to act and persevere!Even if it is not perfect.


2. Positive incentives> negative punishments

Before taking a fitness photo, some readers asked me if I was eating a fitness meal, salad chicken breast or something.

Not at all!

Food is my greatest hobby in the world. Not only did I follow all mankind to the top of the food chain, but I also worked hard to play fitness with my baby. Why should I be punished for eating grass?


Seeing my gluttony, the Virgo tongue-in-cheek man at home often satirized me: I've been practicing for nothing today.

Not right.No fitness + gluttony = gaining weight, fitness + gluttony = not getting thin but not gaining weight, how is it called white practice?



Does this change come from fear of punitive consequences (in vain)?Not at all!

It's completely because I see my body getting better after working out, and I feel happy, "So I can also wear a light-colored tight skirt", I want to keep this kind of pride.


I think小孩也是差不多的道理。


Whether it is fitness or study, as long as the slight progress can promptly exchange for affirmation, encouragement and envy of the people around, the self-driving force generated from this is the most powerful, surpassing the fear of failure.


3. Come and hypnotize me together

When working out, the coach always reminds me: "Think about where you should exert your strength! In this way, you can exert your strength more accurately."

So when I plank, I think: core, core, core...when practicing buttock, I think: butt butt butt...


Probably because of being remembered too much, the core/butt will really start to exert more force!Of course, it may just be my illusion.

Is it "you keep thinking about it, and it will come true" or "you keep thinking about it, and you will eventually lie to yourself"?Many times I think it makes no difference.






The mother-in-law feels that she is 40 years younger than she was when she was younger. A large part of the credit comes from the frequent use of beauty cameras for selfies since the age of 39.Keep the good-looking photos, and the bad-looking photos will wipe out the traces of their existence in the world.



And I believe that this kind of hypnosis will affect the real world, just like the "law of attraction":

If you believe it, it will come true; when you feel that you become beautiful, you will really look good.

4. Always compare with yourself

When analyzing appearance anxiety (click here), my mother-in-law mentioned a common mentality: "Can I be as beautiful as that female star? No. SoFrustrated. "

The same is true for fitness, "Can I be in shape like that fitness blogger? No, so I don’t practice anymore."


Comparing facial features to female celebrities and body shape to fitness bloggers, why change the way to give yourself such a low evaluation?

Straight men are so carefree, to a certain extent that they never go to be richer than Musk, and are handsome than Wang Yibo (when they compare, they think they have a win).


Whether it is fitness, study or work, the power of role models is very important, but the standard can only be yourself.In this way, your efforts will always be adding, even if you only add 0.01 every day.

It is only natural for Nazha to be beautiful, and it is the real surprise to be beautiful.





5. Maintain a calm posture

The biggest difference between fitness and what I think is that when doing weight-bearing exercises in the gym, you don’t necessarily have to choose the maximum weight within your abilities.

In order to move it as hard as possible, you may not be able to maintain the correct posture, lose focus and confidence, depressed and anxious.


It can be slightly lighter than it!Seeing my movements are too difficult, the coach sometimes takes off a little weight.

This way the movements are more standard and the focus is more concentrated, and it is more likely to train the target muscle group.


From this I thought, life is like this...

You must work hard and leave a room for calmness.Don't push yourself too hard in order to tap any potential, don't live ugly.

Regardless of work or relationship, if there is someone or something that makes you exhausted and deformed physically and mentally, give it up.


So today's "Fitness Two Anniversary Feelings" is not for inspiration.

If you are happy, keep the status quo; if you are dissatisfied, you will work hard. The moments when you work hard to get rewards are really sweet.But everything puts inner comfort first.


Being able to perceive so much in a healthy body indicates that the mother-in-law is really old!Fall in love with talking about life.

You can go to the "fun" menu bar of the official account to find "grandmother-in-law's chat", and talked about love and marriage, parenting, friendship, growing old, feminism, and some life attitude topics.


[Several horizontal cannons]

1. Billie Eilish took a set of super breakthrough photos for the British version of Vogue.

Based on everyone's evaluation, it is almost 70% Lady Gaga + 30% SJ.


In the following two pictures, you can see the huge tattoo on the top of her right leg.

This was the first tattoo in her life she got last year, and said at the time that she would never show it to everyone.



Seeing through the match, it is the familiar "excessive force" formula.


3. Haru in police uniform is so cute!

他在伦敦拍摄1990年代背景同性题材影片《我的警察》, Dason演他的爱人。





5,49岁的Mark ahlberg也胖了,不过是工作需要。

In order to play the role of a man who has transformed from a boxer into a priest in the new film "Stu", he "sees what to eat" and gains 30 pounds (approximately 27 kg) in six weeks.

It must be painful in my heart, but I used to be a fitness madman who got up at XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning and lifted an iron.


6, 41-year-old Qian's boss, Channing Tatum, talked about fitness on the show and told the truth.


"I can't imagine the time and energy for those who will take their kids from XNUMX to XNUMX?"

7. The funniest news of the year: 29-year-old blogger Nivine Jay posted a video saying that she had matched her big book on the blind date software Raya, and thought he was a fake, so she unmatched him.

As a result, Daben sent her a video from ins: "Nivine, why did you unmatch me, it's me!"

After the video was sent, many people felt that the big book was very greasy, and they tracked down the ins to harass the girl.Some people think that girls shouldn't send out this kind of private message video.

Nivine Jay issued a statement saying that the release of the video just thought that he was funny and treated the real male god as a liar.

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