Economic rankings across Australia: Tasmania No. XNUMX –

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According to NCA NewsWire, a report issued by Commonwealth Securities (CommSec) shows that Tasmania will be listed as the best performing economy in Australia for the fifth consecutive quarter.Tasmania’s retail ranking has declined, but in mortgage...

According to NCA NewsWireAccording to a report issued by Commonwealth Securities (CommSec), Tasmania will be listed as the best performing economy in Australia for the fifth consecutive quarter.

Tasmania’s retail ranking has declined, but inAnd the ranking in terms of economic growth has risen.Canberra maintained its second place. Although it dropped four places in housing financing, it improved one place in four other indicators, including its top spot in the retail spending rankings.

CommSec Economist CrJames said that Tasmania and Canberra are firmly at the forefront of economic development, and they are expected to maintain this position in the coming months.

The rankings of other states are expected to remain unchanged in the next few quarters.The Northern Territory still ranks eighth, although it has improved;The most progress was made, jumping from tied for sixth to third.Victoria’s overall ranking fell from tied for third to fourth, but in terms of construction workStill the best, LiveAlso jumped to the top of the list; South Australia ranked fifth, followed by Queensland, and.

Opposition Department of Finance spokesperson Walt Secord saidThe economy ranked seventh was shocked, this isThe lowest rating in more than 9 years.

James said that as the job market improves, immigration increases andThere is still room for improvement in the ranking of Queensland in 2021.
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