The Mexican man is challenging the Federal Government’s decision and he wants to go home from India –

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Due to the severe epidemic in India, the Australian Federal Government has promulgated new restrictions on travel to India, and it is considered a crime for Australian citizens to return to Australia from India.On Wednesday (May 5), a Melbourne man is challenging the federal government's decision. ...


澳广周三报道称,这名叫Gary Newman的男子现年73岁,他是在去年3月前往印度去探访朋友,此后就一直被困在那里,没能返回澳洲。

Two周三下午在悉尼联邦法院向法官提出了Newman的挑战。二位认为,unitGreg Hunt根据《生物安全法》作出的声明因宪法原因而无效。认为,首先,是在其权力之外行事;其次,部的声明违反了澳人返回家园的自由。

Newman is currently based in Bangalore, Karnataka, in southern India.In addition, the two mentioned above为Newman提供无偿服务。

周三下午简短指示听证会上,Newman的Say, Newman wants to go home, but just becauseunit的声明,现在回不来了。

The judge ordered that the proceedings be expedited and a formal hearing date will be set in the next 24 to 48 hours.

In a statement earlier this week, the government spokesperson said that his legal opinions would not be released. "We have confidence in the reasonable legal basis for this decision."

联邦部们不认为这一决定涉及什么种族, This权力的使用是基于专家给出的医疗建议。


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