Australia – The number of confirmed diagnoses in 7 days has soared by 1200%, India's epidemic spreads to this country, and hospital beds are full (photo) | Australia Chinatown

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The new crown epidemic in India is still severe, and even neighbouring Nepal is also affected.Nepal added 5 to the notification day on May 3


▲▼尼泊尔疫情升温,也出现大批人染疫身亡的现象。 (图/达志影像/美联社)

综合CNN与路透社报导,疫情急剧恶化,在5月3日通报单日7388宗确诊病例,创下历史新高,也让该国过去7天的平均每日确诊率,较4月中旬飙升1200%。当地流行病与疾病管制中心主任保德尔(Krishna Prasad Paudel)证实,他们在确诊病患身上发现英国与印度的变种病毒,情况并不乐观。

▲▼尼泊尔疫情升温,也出现大批人染疫身亡的现象。 (图/达志影像/美联社)



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