US Secretary of Defense: The next major war will be "very different"

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In the context of China's accelerated military construction, US Secretary of Defense Austin called on Washington to use technological advances to respond to emerging cyber and space threats and larger-scale wars. . . .

USA Hawaii | US-Verteidigungsminister Lloyd Austin beim US Pacific Command
BeautyPrevent奥斯汀在珍珠港美Indo-Pacific commander's speech at the handover ceremony

(Germany之声中文网)周五(430),美Prevent奥斯汀(Lloyd Austin)在他的首次重要政策演讲中表示,美防需要”新的愿景”,未来可能的冲突与”旧战争”几乎没有相似之处。

“下一场重大战争,我们的打法将与以往非常不同,”奥斯汀在访问夏威夷的美Pacific Command.

“We can’t predict the future,” Austin said. “So what we need is the correct integration of technology, combat concepts, and capabilities – all of which will be intertwined in such a reliable, flexible, and powerful way that any The opponent dare not act rashly."

BeautyHow to maintain the advantage?

奥斯汀在美印太新司令阿基里诺(John  Aquilino)上任仪式上发表了这番致辞。他呼吁华盛顿,利用技术进步来应对新出现的网络和太空威胁以及更大规模的战争。


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