Western Australia’s first robot-built real estate listed for auction –

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A new house built by robots will be listed for auction on May 5. This will be the first public test of Western Australia's new bricklaying technology.According to the Western Australian Newspaper.com, this new home is located on Elderberry Drive, Day...

A new house built by robots will be auctioned on May 5th.The first public test of new bricklaying technology in Western Australia.

According to Western Australian News, this new home is located on Elderberry Drive, ton.The walls are built by HadrianX, a robotic bricklaying machine from FBR, an industrial automation technology company, marking the new technology of robotic bricklayingEnter the market from the research stage.This technology helps solve wall workersOf.

FBRMike Pivac did not disclose the construction cost of the house, but claimed that the robot's wall-building speed is equal to or faster than the traditional manual brick-laying speed. FBR delivered its first commercial property in Western Australia—a community in Byford District in September last year.heart.

Bricklayers in Western AustraliaIt is very serious. The Western Australian builder BGC has already advertised and recruited bricklayers to work in Western Australia. The pay is good, including six-figureAnd relocation costs.
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