"Cat's Home Guide" is out again!Zoos, museums, concerts... all moved home~

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Recently, in order to ensure everyone’s health and safety,

Melbourne's lockdown was extended by one week.


Although at home,

Unable to go out and have fun,

But our happy life will not be put on a rest~


This is not,

Zoos, museums, concerts, shopping centers...

All your favorite entertainment,

All help you move home!


Let us fill every day at home with the most interesting activities, and look forward to the reunion after unblocking~


Melbourne Zoo online viewing



At home, I can’t andWhat to do if your little animals are in close contact~The Melbourne Zoo online tour allows you to see your beloved animals at home at any time.


No matter where you are, as long as you have the Internet, you can have an intimate date with the little animals here!Watch online 7/24 rolling live broadcast, aftertasteSpecial animal special exciting moments, listen to the little brothers and sisters of the breeder tell interesting stories about the animals, or sit down and enjoy the experience of encountering farm animals. You can choose from a variety of ways to visit the park!




ACMI online exhibition



ACMI, an audio-visual animation exhibition hall loved by Melbourneans, has returned to us. Recently,A number of exciting themed exhibitions are open and enthusiastic.Although you can't go there when you are at home, the caring ACMI has already moved the exhibition online for everyone!



"The Story of Motion Picture" has been open for online viewing experience throughout the year.Want to learn about screen culture and experience the latest audio-visual technology, all in ACMI!ACMI also provides free online viewing benefits for everyone, A number of hot movies recently released, or classic old movies will be released in ACMIPlay, use verification code"acmihome"You can watch free movies online.

To learn more about ACMI, please visit previous articles:Free Tickets|Australian Event Image Center returns strongly, and Disney Animation's large-scale interactive exhibition debuts in Australia!






Museum online viewing


How about visiting the museum at home?Just let your fingers and eyes explore history and science, and take the opportunity to give your legs a vacation~Currently,Many museums and exhibition halls in Melbourne have launched online tours, Don’t miss the opportunity, come and join!



Melbourne MuseumMany exhibition areas can be viewed online, you can visit ancient dinosaurs, More than 1000 species of wildlife specimens, or explore the history and culture of aboriginal people.Melbourne Science Works (Melbourne Science Works)Can take you online to experience the world of science and visit Melbourne’sThe ruins reveal the mystery of human movement.Immigration museum'S experts will tell you the story of Australian immigration culture.Furthermore"Cooking with Love"Such special exhibition activities are full of fun and worth participating in.





Flinders Quartet Digital Concert


On June 6, an elegant and beautiful classical concert will be held online.The repertoire of this concert comes from the works written by some outstanding female composers in their 20s. The unique tenderness of women and the mood of a young girl are hidden in the tunes, and the unique beauty cannot be copied.


The Flinders Quartet classical band will perform these tracks for us in the form of a quartet,Also invited the rising star of the quartet, the first Musica The winner of the A Chord Championship, Cousin Quartet, performed two pieces by Dmitri Shostakovich in an octet.

time:January 6th 2pm – 7pm

fare:$ 24

Booking URL:




Janacek works memorial concert

Perhaps you have heard the name of Leos Janacek, this composer is famous for his opera works. He is the first Czech playwright to write operas in prose style. HisThe works are exquisite treasures, expressing emotions and stories in a musical language completely different from others.

This concert,All will be played by Stephen Emmerson, Leos JanacekQu works.Listen to the live broadcast, let the quaint piano sound bring your thoughts through the years and enter the world of stories told by the master.

time:January 6th 16pm – 8.30pm

fare:$ 44

Booking URL:




QVM online shopping

At home, I want to buy fresh agricultural and sideline products butWhat if it’s too convenient to be too far away from home for too long, don’t worry,The Queen Victoria Market has moved a wide range of products to online sales and can provide same-day delivery services to more than 150 suburbs.

In this largest open-air farmer’s market in the southern hemisphere, there are many local produce from Melbourne.Now just log in to the official website of QVM and move your fingers. Fresh cheese and vegetables, fresh seafood and meat, as well as cooked nuts, coffee, tea and wine will be delivered on the same day.







Spring Street Grocer online shopping


Spring Street Grocer is a paradise for food lovers.There are delicious ice cream, coffee, cheese shops, and many grocery stores here.The highly acclaimed Gelato Primavera offers a variety of flavors of Italian ice cream, while Philippa Sibley is known as the local "dessert queen", which is the first in AustraliaThe cheese fermentation cellar provides perhaps the most delicious cheese in Australia.



At home,If your taste buds are missing the food here, you might as well come to the Spring Street Grocer online platform and send your thoughts to your home~





Myer Department Store Online Shopping

As a leader in Melbourne's shopping malls,Myer Department Store opened its own online platform early.This includes clothing, shoes and bags, furniture, toys, cosmetics, accessories, electronic products, household goods and other department stores.At the same time, there is a complete range of brands, and you can find products from major international and Australian fashion brands.



do you know,Now you can buy Myer department store merchandise through the online platform and enjoy discounted prices:女装6折、内衣及睡衣品牌7折,厨具5折到8折,童装6折……更多折扣尽在!




Chinese Reading Club



At home, it is a good time to study and enrich yourself.Come participate in the Chinese book club held by the Melbourne Library, chat with fellow readers about the books you have read together, share your opinions, or find new good books and masterpieces.Maybe you can make like-minded friends.


The book club is currently held online on the second Thursday morning of each month, and will return to face-to-face activities in the future.

time:August 6, 10am – 10pm


Booking URL:




Vintage wine tasting meeting

If you like wine tasting, the wine tasting session may add fun to your home life.On June 6, Wigs Cellar will launch an online aged cask gin tasting session on the Facebook platform.Giniverstity barrel aging from Margaret River, Cedar Fox oak gin from Coburg, and Fair from FranceBarrel aging wine...there are countless fine wines.

Participating in this event, you will be able to understand the quality of famous wines of different brands and origins, and appreciate the good wines with wine experts.

time:January 6th 3pm – 7pm

fare:$ 55

Booking URL:


How to unblock and return to daily life as soon as possible?The answer is: everyone stays at home with peace of mind.Yes, as long as we all work together to stop the spread of the virus, we will be together again soon.I hope that these colorful online entertainment activities and convenient online shopping methods can brighten up the life of the big home.Let us live actively and stay healthy, see you next week~


Please strictly abide by the travel restriction policy during the stay at home, pay attention to precautions, let us continue to work hard to prevent epidemic measures, and look forward to the day when Victoria returns to the sun!


Chinese friends,

No matter where you are,

We are always with you!

high quality    Super convenient    safer

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