The "condom" on the Chinese dining table made me vomit...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


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A formal restaurant, put one next to clean and tidy tableware"Condom".


This sense of conflict gives people an indescribable weirdness.

In recent years, apart from convenience stores, restaurants have become the most common place to see "condoms".


From brand hotels, chain restaurants, to crayfish fried chicken restaurants, food stalls, and takeaway shops.


All the gloves and tissues are packaged into a "condom" appearance.



They are square, bright in color, with jagged edges, and appear grandiosely on various occasions:



In the takeaway that the office colleagues ate together;

When you first date with a girl you like but you don’t know very well.


It can always catch you off guard, and instantly embarrassed...


So, how did this "condom" tableware trend come about?


In 2011, a creative restaurant called "Yan Yu" opened in Xiamen.





The interior decoration of the restaurant is gorgeous, with warm colors and dimmed lighting deliberately used.


The curtains are also drawn during the day, creating a dim environment of a bar.


In terms of dishes, original molecular cuisine, with a carefully crafted romantic menu, fills the restaurant with a strong ambiguous atmosphere.



In order to match the theme, the table tissue packaging is a whim, using the same style as Durex, and the copywriting uses the pinyin of banquet.


People can easily "misunderstand" at first glance.



At that time, the concept of putting "condoms" on the dining table was very novel, and it was in line with the restaurant's tonality.


Many customers came here to take pictures of this fun and shy thing.


One night, Yan Yu became popular with the entire circle of friends.




But they have neither romantic decoration nor chic cuisine.


Just learned a "set", the scene is very contrary to peace.



Despite the mixed reviews, it does not affect the trend of "condom" packaging.




With the fall of the take-out industry, sleeve packaging has finally blossomed everywhere and swept the country.


In addition to following the trend, some businesses are beginning to be dissatisfied with "misunderstandings" in appearance.


They made a second innovation, accompanied by connotative text and pictures.



At the beginning, it was fairly restrained.


Provocations like "sister", "kiss me", and "appointment" are not too explicit.


However, some people still think this statement is too obscure.




"In order to fall in love with insurance, a macho has a set"

"Bring a sleeve and enjoy the pleasure of blending lips and teeth"



"Sister, I have a set"



"This humidity is so cool"



"If you don't agree, just love it"



Obviously, these are no longer pure teases, but pornographic and vulgar.


In the later stage, some businesses even don't even let the food itself go.


In order to attract eyeballs, they have introduced exotic foods such as "can't stop" spicy bars and "soft experience" sanitary napkin candy.



When the surprise and freshness fade away, these self-righteous so-called "misunderstandings" make more and more people feel sick.


Someone said: "This is just a kind of creativity. Is it guilty to go online?"


But I think that creativity also needs to pay attention to scale.


The condom itself is not a shame.


But the “sex” related to it belongs to the private sphere, while “catering” belongs to the public sphere.


Forcibly using things in the private sphere as a gimmick, playing stalks regardless of occasion, is a kind of vulgar and foul-smelling behavior.


What's more, these copywriting expressions are all used to offend women.


It gave those sordid psychology hidden in the dark a blatant opportunity to vent.


For example, in an originally clean workplace, a wretched male colleague can slightly raise the corners of his mouth and squint to ask you to "wear a condom."


You don't even have a chance to express discomfort, after all, it is really just a glove.


When clumsy and explicit copywriting invades the life scenes of all ages.


Be offended, but don't want to be crooked.


It has also become the most shameless place of this kind of vulgar "creative".




Today, the Chinese sexual environment is very deformed.


On the one hand, sex education is conservative and talks about sexual discoloration.


On the other hand, vulgar pornography can always be promoted unscrupulously.


The two form a distinct sense of separation.




Even well-known personalities speak out in public.


When Ma Yun was a witness at Alibaba's collective wedding, he opened up a "yellow voice" in front of 102 couples on the scene.


"In work, we emphasize the spirit of 996, and in life we ​​want 669."


What is "669", six times in six days, the key is long.


"What is a male god? It means to have the spirit of 996 at work and the hard target of 669 in life.


What is a goddess?It is to be able to help and supervise the implementation of the soft power of 996 and 669 for boys. "


He also said,"The key to a happy marriage is Dingding (Dingding)."



Subsequently, the official Weibo also emphasized:


"Do you understand?"


It's greasy and vulgar.


In recent years, many big companies and big people like to talk pornographically on inappropriate occasions.




Like Vanke’s school district real estate.


use"The spring breeze is drunk for ten miles, not as good as the student girl under the tree"Create a gimmick.



In the first two years of Double Eleven, Juewei Duck Neck's marketing poster.


A woman was lying on the bed splitting her legs, wearing only a pair of pink shorts and chains on her legs.


Copywriting on the side"Tender and juicy, do you want it?"


Openly consume women.



Xiaomi mobile phones have also been used"Liu Shishi takes you to experience the'ten-core double stem head'"As an advertising word.


Gives naked discomfort.



Perhaps in the eyes of those who speak yellow accents and the designers of these slogans, this is called playfulness and sentimentality.


But the listener may not feel comfortable in his heart.


罗翔曾经 :

"If it's a joke, you wouldn't tell it to your mother and your daughter, then you shouldn't tell it to your female colleagues and classmates."

I think I should add, don't talk to unsuspecting strangers and customers who have never met.


In private, it doesn't hurt to make a colorful joke in a circle you know well.


But opening a yellow cavity regardless of occasion is no different from urinating and defecate anywhere.


What's more frightening is that these colored languages ​​may also become weapons in the hands of malicious people.


Looking at the above incidents, all appeared with male as the subject and female as the object.


Form a condescending display of power.


Men speak yellow accents anytime and anywhere to complete trampling and humiliation of women.


Women are forced to smile because of their status and affection, or pretend not to hear them, and ask for perfection.


If someone comes to the rescue at this time:


"It's not good to say that there are girls here."


They immediately pretended to be innocent:




As a result, while offending women, they also humiliated those around them and got double pleasure.


When placed in a public context, this type of behavior is not only a sexual harassment of individuals, but also a devaluation of the status of the entire group.




It's like boiling a frog in warm water, making women deeply desolate.




For a long time, foul-smelling sexual jokes have been rampant, which has not only been unkind to the parties, but has also deepened gender stereotypes.


Just like a "cancer", it affects people's body and mind subtly.


Regardless of whether it is a male or a female, it will cause distortions in sexual concepts.


A netizen once took a video.


A young woman, downstairs in a residential area, complained hoarsely against her ex-boyfriend upstairs:


"Played with me for three years and abandoned me!"




Then crying and stripped naked in the streetClothes.


It's actually not uncommon to get undressed for reconciliation like this.




For example, trying to please men through the body, being overly unexpected and worrying about losing their charm.


Even for the man, he does not care about his body, does not take contraceptive measures, and has multiple abortions.


And men also become arrogant and do not know how to respect in this environment of wrong sexual concepts.


The prevalence of PUA nowadays, cheating, playing with female feelings, and even domestic violence are all tragedies caused by the lack of correctness.





So, what is the correct concept of sex?


I believe that we must understand "sex" objectively, control "sex" rationally, grasp the scale and scale, and understand safety and responsibility.




In the pleasant conversations time and time again, I can taste the warmth of love in caring and considerate.


Rejecting vulgar pornography is not to promote abstinence, but to tell everyone:


Sex and love are beautiful, it brings us sweetness, staying together, and heartbeat.


It's not just sensuality, it's not just a low-level stimulus just to attract eyeballs.


Finally, I hope that as a company, when doing advertising and marketing, pay attention to the impact on the recipients of the information.


Don't discard connotations and values ​​for the so-called effect.


As an individual, we must learn to grasp the subtle relationship between taste and vulgar yellow.


Don't humiliate women indiscriminately and humiliate women at will.




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