What are the ten highest-paid occupations in Australia?

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Leah6月7日公布的最新数It is shown that in the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the top three highest-paid occupations in Australia are all related to medicine.
位于这个排行榜第一名的职业是外科医生(Surgeon),年平均收入近40万澳元,第二名则为麻醉师(Anessiologist),平均年收入达386065澳元,第三名是内科(Internal Medicine Specialist), the average annual income is AU$304752.

Ranking of the top ten earning occupations in Australia Source: ATO

此外,矿业不仅创造了全澳最富有的人,该行业的采矿工程师(Mining Engineer)职位也名列前十,平均年收入达184507澳元。
从地域而言,全澳最高收入的地区是在新州的Double bay,该区域的3572名报税人平均年收入为202598澳元,紧随其后的是维州的Toorak ,万名报税人的平均年收入为201926澳元。
Seven of these ten regions are in NSW, two in Victoria, and one in Western Australia.

Ranking of the highest income regions in Australia Source:ATO

ATO numberCovering nearly 2018 million tax-paying individuals in the 19-1470 fiscal year.
In this fiscal year, the average annual income of men was higher than that of women. The average annual tax income for men was A$73218 and that of women was A$51382.

More detailed content can be clicked on the link toATO websiteView detailed numbers.

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