The world's first country to be extinct due to the new crown epidemic appeared!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
We all know that the epidemic damages the economy, and prolonged bans will cause companies to close down and increase unemployment.After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, people's lives have undergone earth-shaking changes...
We take online classes at home, office workers face unemployment, college layoffs and pay cuts, the retail industry’s cold winter has intensified, a large number of shops have closed down or even closed down, tourism and aviation have been hit hard...
A series of blows cast a shadow over the world...
But some people may not know,
There is a "small country" in Australia
The country was wiped out because of the epidemic!
The country declared to be extinct
Within Western Australia
He has experienced the second generation of kings
Principality of Hutt River
As soon as the news came out, it was reported by various media in turn...
with the BBC
Principality of Hutt River
Country gate
Founded on April 1970, 4, it has a history of 21 years. The capital is Nain.
Where is this country?
Perth, the capital of Western Australia
About a few hundred kilometers to the north
This country covers an area of ​​only 75 square kilometers,
About the size of Hong Kong Island
The population is only 26 people.
Speaking of the reason for its founding, it was due to the "conflict" with the Australian government.
At the time, Prince Leonard Casley, the father of Prince Casley, was a wheat farmer in Western Australia.
Because of wheat production problems, Leonard clashed fiercely with the Australian government and announced the establishment of the Hutt River Duchy in a hurry.
He also set up five government departments to be held by his entourage and relatives.
King and queen
Although the Hutt River Principality has a small area and a small population, it still behaves like an independent country.
There should be something.
They designed the national flag
Issued currency
(Called Hutt River Coin)
Also issued a national passport,
Tourists don’t just go in casually.Need to enter the countryVisa is not exempt.
However, signThe license fee is not expensive:Only 4
The country’s main sources of income are wild flowers, agricultural products, stamps, coins andTourism.
They don’t need to be approved by the Australian government.Build your own house
Since 2000, it has also provided company registration, driver's license and other public affairs.
Although there are only a few dozen permanent residents, they even want to build a national university.
"All of this is because we are a free and independent country!" said the king.
Even the Queen of England wrote to the country congratulating the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Hutt River Principality.
Some things have been done in the 50 years since the Principality of Hutt River was founded!
It is reported that in the 90s, it was frequently active in various charity activities, holding large-scale donation gatherings, and even doing charity on the Gold Coast.
Prince Leonard passed away last year and his son Prince Graeme Casley became the country’s current leader.
Relying on the development of tourism, the future of the Hutt River Principality seems bright!
More than 40,000 every yearTourists from all over the world visit here
In order to attract more tourists,The country will also establish new tourist attractions, 
such as:This gate with Chinese characters:"The door to the natural spiritual world"
However, the attitude of the Australian authorities is also very clear:deny
The Australian government has formally stated that it will interrupt related services in the Hutt River Principality.
However, in fact, letters sent to the country can still be delivered safely, and even postcards with stamps from the Hutt River Principality can reach all over the world without problems.
Moreover, the official tourist brochure of Australia clearly pointed out the independence of the Hutt River Principality.
Although it is a small country, people are very tough.
The Hutt River Principality also declared war on Australia!
However, when it comes to declaring war, it is also dumbfounding...
At that time, the Australian government demanded taxes from the family of the King Hutt River. After consulting his government, Prince Leonard decided not to pay taxes and directly declared war.
But at that time, the Hutt River Principality had not yet formed an army, so what was it going to do about war?
As a result, the "declaration of war" only lasted a few days.Mentioned...
It was not until more than 10 years later that the Hutt River Principality established a national defense force, including an army, a navy, and a military...
Although internationally until nowThere is recognition of the political status of the Hutt River, but the fact that the Hutt River has been able to live peacefully in this land of Australia is also very miraculous...

   In crisis because of the new crown epidemic

Originally, this "country" with a population of 26 had a pretty good life.
Unexpectedly, a new crown epidemic came suddenly, and this epidemic plunged the entire country into crisis.
At the beginning of this year, in order to prevent the introduction of the new crown into the country,
The Hutt River Principality announced that it will be temporarily closed to tourists.
But losing tourists means losing income.
The economic situation of the country after losing income can be imagined.
The epidemic caused the Principality of Hutt River to make ends meet, and had to declare the country’s subjugation
To "return" to Australia,And have to sell the country to repay the long arrears of taxes!
The attitude of the Australian authorities in the Hutt River Principality is not to recognize it. However,Is to open one eye and close one eye,
somethingLet him go...
For a long time, Congress's characterization of this matter has been "personal commercial behavior hype."
However, there is one thing that the Australian government cannot tolerate sand.
Since it does not recognize its independence, it is still part of Australia.
Naturally, tax should be paid to the Australian government.
And after so many years, the Hutt River Principality has a pennyHanded in,
Moreover, he also stated on his public website that he would not pay taxes in the future.
And the Australian authorities remember all this fortune,
In 2017, the Australian Taxation Office again took him to court on the grounds of arrears in taxes, interest and late fees.
300 millionHow can you deny your debts?
The judge’s statement is even more straightforward: “AnyoneDeclare themselves as a sovereign nation in their houses, but they cannot ignore the laws of AustraliaOr no tax. "
And this new crown epidemic is a good opportunity for the Australian government to sit and collect money!
Just earlier this month, this independent country finally couldn't hold it.
Earlier this month, Major Richard Ananda Barton of the Royal Hutt River Regiment sent an email to the "nationals" of this country.
The email revealed that the current leader of the country, Prince Graeme Casley, has already
"Decided to disband this country".
Subsequently,Prince Graeme Casley of the Hutt River Principality also confirmed the news.
他 说:"During such a difficult time, the Hutt River Principality will not be able to continue to exist..."
Seeing his father's "country" destroyed in his own hands, Prince Graeme Casley was also very uncomfortable.
Although he wanted to continue the dream of his father's generation, the reality forced him to "give in".
He had hoped to attract more than 2,000 people to live in the Principality, but his bad relationship with the government made it difficult.
And just in April this year, they were still celebrating the 4th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
In just a few months, a "country" has perished. It is really heartwarming...
In 2020, we have once again witnessed history.
The tide of unemployment, the tide of bankruptcy, and now because of the epidemic, even a country has been "subjected"...
Although the "destruction" of the Hutt River Principality has no impact on us, at best, it lacks a good place to travel.
However, its fate also indirectly reflects the “powerful power” of the new crown epidemic.
The Principality is also the same as those industries and enterprises affected by the epidemic,It will always be "submerged" in the torrent of history, and it will eventually become a memory of people, and become people's talk after dinner...
We don’t know, how many moreThe company has reached the brink of bankruptcy,How many families are struggling in pain, let alone how long this pain will last, and how much stamina will be...
Principality of Hutt River
Became the world
First due to the new crown epidemic
And the perished "country"!
Although there is a spoof in it, the Hutt River Principality does not exist from an official perspective or a social level, and it has always been part of Australia.
Like many people clamoring for Western Australia’s independence, in the endIt's just talking.
But behind this incident can also be seen the impact of the new crown epidemic on the social economy.How many "accidents" this new crown epidemic will bring us...

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