Chinese students in Tasmania sued by court for importing and selling illegal adult toys

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ComprehensiveABCAustralia andMercuryDaily report:


 Xinzhe Lin 29Years old, lives in South Hobart,持临时学生签证,中公民,研究生学历。一在霍巴特最高法院,林承认,去年10月,他从中进口了模拟儿童身体的成人玩具。

These prohibited goodslast year 10 月从中深圳运抵墨尔本,在海关时就被Border ForceNoticed that this26 件物品模拟儿童的,专门为满足一些变态的成人And


塔州最高法院周一开庭中陈述,这些硅胶模拟人体部件于去年10月抵达墨尔本时,装在一个集装箱内,集装箱内还装有一系列合法的自WSupplies, adult toys, lubricants and vibrators, etc.


Lin signed for these items at his residence in South Hobart.


last year 12 month,Police andWhen the federal police searched Lin's residence, these items were confiscated.


In court on Monday,Linen承认,他将模拟儿童的成人玩具组件进口到StateIt is for the economic benefit, not for their own use.


The court statement stated that last year 12 month,Police and联邦警察搜查了他的家时,这些物品被Police andThe federal police confiscated.


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