The Labour Party’s weakness and harassment in the spread of the Victorian epidemic

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The Labour Party’s weakness and harassment in the spread of the Victorian epidemic

      Australia and New Zealand are hailed as "patrons of the epidemic" by Western countries. Most Australians are also satisfied with the achievements of the Australian Federal Government on the road of fighting the epidemic for more than a year.However, there are always some problematic teenagers, who always lose the chain at critical moments, and suddenly explode when "the situation is very good", casting a shadow over Australia's anti-epidemic road.That’s right, the problematic teenager is Victoria, and “the child does not teach, it is the father’s fault”. The Victorian Labour Party government’s many "sao operations" on the long road to the epidemic are really "bright blind" to the Australian people. Not only does Melbourne become the only metropolis in Australia that has closed the city four times, it also makes Victoria the region with the largest number of infections, the largest proportion of deaths, and the largest consumption of anti-epidemic materials in Australia.

     When the Indian epidemic broke out and the evacuation flight arrived in Australia for the first time, all parts of Australia were ready to guard against the spread of the Indian virus in Australia due to the evacuation of overseas Chinese. As a result, Melbourne was unfortunately recruited again. The Indian variant virus spread quietly, and the Victorian Labor Party government responded. Slow, not only misleading hotspots, but also the monitoring intensity is not as expected, and finally hesitated about how to respond. In the last three days, 26 people were infected, and the magic weapon of 7 days was used to seal the city. Melbourne and Victoria once again became Australia islands. .Hey, Mr. Hua Tian is sitting in safe Brisbane, watching the fire across Victoria, more than a thousand kilometers away, and sighing at the people of Melbourne under the epidemic.Those migrant workers who are greedy for the dark, and small businessmen who are waiting to be fed, now do not have the government's epidemic assistance and subsidies. This time, the 7-day lockdown of the city is tantamount to extinction. Thousands of families are likely to be trapped by the epidemic.We can't help asking: Melbourne, why are you again?The Labor Government, do you have to take full responsibility for these citizens who are struggling in the epidemic lockdown!

You may have a deep memory of the outbreak in Melbourne a year ago. At that time, there was a blowout of more than 700 cases a day in Victoria, which is really sighing.However, the Labor Party government did not learn any lessons from the last epidemic. It still went its own way. It continued to carry out a series of extremely ugly shame operations, which led to the same mistakes a year later.Today we will systematically sort out the faces of all beings of the Labor Party government in the face of the epidemic:

1. Unfavorable supervision, let it go

      last yearThere is no denying the reason for the explosion.The civilian security system employed by the Labor Party government had no supervision mechanism at all, which resulted in close contact between the security guards and patients in the quarantined hotel, and no good early warning and testing were carried out afterwards, which finally led to catastrophe.When the outbreak just started, Andrew downplayed the treatment and tried to make major incidents smaller, and did not take any decisive measures to remedy the situation. According to a report from Sky News at the time, the Labor government was "unconsciously" delayed for 7 days, resulting in thousands of people. Infection, a terrible disaster in which hundreds of people died.With such a tragic life, the "One Belt One Road" governor of Kick Dog still loves the position of power and did not resign.Imagine that if the Liberal government made such a major mistake, wouldn't the Labour Party want to discount the Liberal Party's legs?

     So how did the latest Victorian epidemic develop to the present situation?According to the Victorian Department of Health, the zero patient comes from an isolated patient returning from South Australia, but the correlation between the second case and the zero patient is still under discussion, that is to say, the relationship between the zero patient and the second case There is an uncertain patient No. 1, but the Victorian government still has not found this asymptomatic infection.In a similar situation, the self-examination and detection mechanism should be activated urgently. However, the Victorian government is still perfunctory and finally slowed the spread of the virus, and finally had to reach the present situation.Hey, it's really puzzling to eat a ditch without gaining a wisdom.

      According to reports in 7 stations,As early as eight months ago, the Liberal Party in Victoria proposed that QR code scanning should be implemented in any public place across the state so that the epidemic can be monitored in real time. However, the Labor Party has been perfunctory and delayed. After the outbreak, it was forced to implement the lockdown the next day.Everyone, who should be responsible for this epidemic??

2. The detection level and tracking mechanism are extremely backward

     According to Victoria’s own news report:The outbreak of the epidemic showed the extremely backward detection and tracking mechanism of the Victorian government. The outbreak was caused by mistakes in high-risk locations.In other words, the government made a mistakeThe area that enters and exits, mistakenly said that it is a high-risk area is a low-risk area, Resulting in a concentrated outbreak near Epping.Such omissions, which are not even in developing countries, happened in Melbourne, which is simply laughable and generous!

     Not only that, the level of detection in Melbourne is really nothing compared to Sydney in the same dimension.The female governor of the Liberal Party in Sydney is very courageous and can have a daily detection level and speed of close to 6 people. However, at the beginning of the epidemic in Melbourne, it was in the early 3 years, almost half of Sydney.You must know that Sydney and Melbourne are equally divided in terms of urban size and population size. Melbourne's level is far behind Sydney. It has to be reminiscent that the governance level of the government is really bad.

3. Spread rumors and shake the pot, no one can be less

     The Labor Party government is worthy of being the spokesperson of the Western Left. In addition to shouting slogans, it has encountered a mess of things. It can be described as a model of "ideal governance".But the leftists have one thing in common, that is, they are experts in civil wars and laymen in foreign wars. They have nothing to do with the epidemic, but they are veterans in political struggle.The epidemic has just broken out, and the Labor Government will immediately hit it back, saying that the epidemic is due to the Federal Liberal Government’s vaccine.Unfavorable causes, come to mix people's audiovisual.It should be understood that the federal government only controls the distribution of vaccines, and vaccination is entirely the state power of each state. The Victorian government will obviously lose its rights to the federal government. Heart can be punishable.

     Not only that, the leftists of the Labor Party began to use public opinion to shiftAttention, hype about the death of nursing homes under the federal government,Ringworm grows, non-insulting has a scab on the face, it is too deceptive!

     What's more, the leftists began to take two steps. One began to spread rumors and slanders. Malicious slander such as "Morrison is mentally ill" appeared in both English and Chinese media, and then began to launch propaganda machines, especially among the Chinese. Spread "The Labor Party is an old friend of the Chinese people" "The Labor Party wants to reverseSweet talks such as "the situation" attempt to divert the responsibilities and divert the anger and attention of the Chinese and ordinary Victorians to the Liberal Federal Government. A responsible government does not work hard to quell the epidemic, but still catches the wind and sensationalizes at critical moments. It is hard to imagine that this is under the rule of Australia! The evil of the Labour Party is staggering!

4. Raise wages regardless of civil suffering

      Just as the Victorian epidemic was in full swing last year, the lives of the people were in dire straits. Let's guess what the leaders of the Labor Party are doing?Busy to give yourself a raise!Yes, that's right, this is a vivid portrayal of the Australian version of "Zhumen wine and meat smelly, roads have frozen bones".According to a report in The Australian: The Governor of Victoria has arbitrarily increased his salary to an annual salary of $7 since July 1 last year.The salary of Governor Andrew and his state minister will be raised by 441439%, and backbenchers will also increase by 11.8%. This increase makes the salary of the Governor of Victoria the highest in the country.It is conceivable that this group of high-ranking lords frantically sucked blood and made money, and sat and watched as the people froze under the cold winter wind and became critically ill.The leftist Labor Party is better than singing, and the slogan of equality is loudly shouted, but it is quietly knocking on the people's taxation.Everyone must keep their eyes open. This is the hypocritical Labor Party. Just like the founder of "Hei Minggui" secretly buys mansions in the wealthy white area, the leftists are a group of hypocrites with both fame and fortune.Voters who don't know the truth, every vote you vote for the Labor Party is tantamount to casting their tenderness on your chest!

     In fact, the hypocrisy and cunningness of the Labour Party not only manifested itself vividly in Victoria, but the leftist leaders entrenched in the federal government are not fuel-efficient lamps. They are even more cunning.For example, Mr. Rudd, the well-known former prime minister in our Chinese circle, is a typical example.With his fluent Chinese, Rudd quickly became a fan of many Chinese among the Chinese, and attracted a lot of Chinese votes, mistakenly thinking that he was a goodwill faction to China.Is Rudd really a humorous and amiable politician who is full of kindness to China, as the majority of Chinese people have imagined?

RuddMace, it’s no wonder that he has Chinese proficiency. During his tenure as prime minister, he used to show off Chinese in CCTV’s new document, and he sang with CCTV’s former celebrities. The people in China favored him.But when we looked through the archives, we discovered that Rudd was actually the first person who hated China and proposed an anti-China policy.Kevin Rudd once scolded Chinese people in a public occasion, even swearing, insulting Chinese people is "Fucker"with"idiot"This is not groundless. There are videos as evidence that such politicians openly insult a certain ethnic group. This isIt is rare in politics; after Rudd took office, he2009Launched its own "National Defense White Paper" in XNUMX. In the "National Defense White Paper", it was the first time to talk about the China threat theory. This is also the first time since the founding of Australia that it is the first time to point out China in the "National Defense White Paper". It was so unfriendly that distrust and cooperation in China became the basic strategy of the Labor Party.In other words, Australia’s current strategy toward China is completely "working rules follow". It is the keynote set during the Rudd era, which cannot be reversed.Once a tiger is now disguised as a sheep in wolf skin, the danger should not be underestimated.The Labor Party recently took a walk in the Chinese districtNo. It is pure nonsense to propagate that he will reverse relations with China once he is elected!

Many Chinese think that Rudd is a friendly politician who is very close to the people.In fact, on the contrary, Rudd is notoriously arrogant and domineering within the Labor Party.Why was he promoted in the Labor Party at the beginning?, Are so opposed to him, and even do not hesitate to promote a Gillard with extremely limited talents and public opinion to replace him?That's because everyone is fed up with his arrogance.According to reliable sources, Kevin Rudd is often furious in the office, piercing his nose and eyes at the ministers, making everyone chill.Often give ministers off guard and swear their power.At the beginning, a minister revealed that he was invited into Rudd’s office to discuss state affairs, but he sat on a cold bench for a few hours without seeing Rudd at all. In the end, he was driven back by the secretary, and Rudd was not shocked This kind of "treatment" has been encountered by almost every minister. This kind of treatment of his colleagues so harsh and dismissive, isThe political arena is extremely rare, even Rudd’s former friend, former treasurer Wayne Swan (Wayne·Swan), and finally turned against him and secretly supported Girard.It can be seen that Rudd is quite unpopular in the party.Not only that, another well-known anecdote by Rudd is the "special plane curse incident."The Australian Prime Minister’s special plane is provided by the Air Force. The service personnel on the special plane are all female officers of the Air Force. Kevin Rudd often gives instructions on the special plane and does not give these female officers any face.There is a Rudd who needs a special plane temporarily, and he wants to eat a very expensive and special steak on the special plane. How to prepare in a hurry?And Rudd is very uncomfortable, and swears on the special plane, scolding Australian women.We cried aggrieved.Just such an extremely inflated and ambitious person, don't let everyone be deceived by his hypocrisy.

The Labour Party’s anti-epidemic performance in Victoria is highly consistent with their previous level in the federal government. It is indeed full of loopholes, which is extremely ridiculous.Its rudeness, abuse of power, laxity, and looseness have endangered everyone in Victoria and caused economic regression.However, the leftists of the Labor Party never learn from the pain, but instead strike back and shirk their responsibilities, shaping the ugly Ukiyo-e of the leftists.If during this pandemic period, the Labor Party government is in charge of the federal government, with their weak and incompetent level of fighting the epidemic, what kind of hell will Australia be reduced to?It's really scary to think carefully.

————In the morning of May 2021, 5 in Forget Words Cottage, Australia

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